Dish’s Sling TV service: It has ESPN, and that may be what it takes to win.

If you’ve been looking to get rid of your cable and replace the video with a streaming option, Dish’s announcement of a $20/month service that brings you TV channels over the internet may be the most exciting news of CES.


Sling TV doesn’t quite have the robust network lineup as Comcast, Time Warner and others, but big names like ESPN, CNN, TNT, TBS, Food Network and many more have signed on (around 200 total, actually).


What’s more, the subscription includes a movie rental feature, and it’ll be available on a handful of smart TVs, Roku players, Amazon Fire TV (and Fire Stick), Xbox One, Nexus Player, Android TV and both Android and iOS mobile platforms when it arrives later this year. That means that if you’re already itching to opt in, it won’t be too difficult to find a compatible device. Jump past the break for a quick walkthrough of the interface, and for all the details, check out our Sling TV articles.