One source video: Yours. Every Device: We handle that. Actually, we obsess about it, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s the simple truth: You can’t just put a link in your website and hope for the best. International audiences, multiple devices connecting at different bandwidth speeds, Mac and PC computer configurations running IE, Firefox, Safari and the ever increasing amount of tablets means you need a little help from experts. People who design, deploy and deliver mission critical video solutions, every day, from a robust global content delivery network. You need gravitylab.

You may have a massive online video archive, like our client the University of Oregon, or just a few key marketing videos that simply HAVE to play everywhere. Maybe you have content that must be secured, even against technically sophisticated content thieves. We get it: Making your video assets available and delivering them to your users is critical for your business.

Gravitylab makes sure you don’t have to worry if your content is available on Blackberry devices in India, or Motorola phones in Singapore or on the latest Android, iPhone, Windows 8 or Samsung tablet. You work hard on your website, you have spent time cultivating your audience. So let us work hard for you: your source video is transcoded by our encoding cloud, into the appropriate streaming video format and placed automatically into your account where it is cached on our content delivery network all over the world. Literally. Do you want to keep track of all the formats necessary for multi-screen streaming delivery? iOS. HTML5. Flash. Smooth Streaming. And more … and the list is growing. We cover it all. We cover mobile devices other hosting companies won’t touch … like BlackBerry. Each time your audience watches your content we collect all the information that can be collected, and then import that into powerful, graphical, easy to use analytic reports. You get to see who’s watching what: when, where, for how long and on what device.

We put your video in datacenters around the world in a way that optimizes every eyeball, everywhere, on anything. PCs, mobile devices, and even TVs.

Let us worry about your client’s experience.

Bit rates. File formats. Cache settings. Reporting. It’s all here.

Oh, and did we mention we are the best cost value in the industry? It’s true, and we don’t want you to take our word for it. Shop around, demo our service, there’s no question who you want hosting your video assets.

Welcome to real, globally cached video distribution that works for the widest spectrum of the planet.

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