Moog revives its massive modular synthesizers

Moog’s new modular synthesizers feel “…like you’re playing pure light.”


In 1973, Moog started manufacturing its extra large format modular synthesizers that bring you a wall of knobs, patch cables and a physical interface to just about anything. The System 55, System 35 and System 15 went out of production as musicians desired to have something a bit more portable, but just before the start of NAMM 2015, the company announced those giant setups are coming back. Last year, the folks at Moog remade Keith Emerson’s (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame) modular system, and during the three-year-long process, learned a thing or two about recreating the original 1970s circuitry.


Similar to Emerson’s model, the new System trio will be “a true recreation of the original,” using the decades-old schematics to accurately reproduce the specs — right down to all of the hand soldering, traditional wiring and photo-etched front panels.