Target’s internet video service you didn’t use is shutting down


Following in the tracks of other retailers like Walmart (Vudu) and Best Buy (CinemaNow), Target launched its own video on-demand service in late 2013, but now it’s the first of those three to shut things down.


Joining other dead services such as Redbox Instant and Samsung’s Video Hub, Target Ticket didn’t quite … penetrate with anyone.


Their Ultraviolet digital copies (that can be viewed using different services, no matter where they were originally purchased) and links to its customer loyalty program weren’t enough to hook users. If you bought content or TV shows not covered by Ultraviolet, Target says that it’s linked up with CinemaNow. When the lights go out on March 7th, 2015, customers can either transfer their purchases there, or if the content isn’t available, get a credit from the service. Of course, that’s all theoretical since no one bothered stopping by there to get their movies anyway.