Machine makes ‘analog’ techno music with vinyl records

I thouught this was an interesting article because of some analog meets digital projects I’ve had going on in my own life. Take a look at me playing around with a broken to pieces amp:



Competent DJs are used to playing music on vinyl, but creating it? That’s another matter. However, Graham Dunning has found a wonderfully strange way to make that idea work. His Mechanical Techno device produces full-on dance tracks by driving several heavily modified records at once with a turntable, with each record relying on unique triggers to produce a sound. Electrical contacts will produce a synth sound as one record spins around, for instance, while piezoelectric triggers create that all-important beat on another disc. The result is EDM that’s at once analog and not. It sounds digital, but it has the imprecision and unpredictability that you’d never get from software.