Live Streaming Conferences and Meetings

Music concerts, conferences and symposiums are making money and are well attended these day in 2016. Experts, opinion makers and more look to these events to keep current in every industry across the world. It also helps them keep up with the key players in the areas and research that mean the most.


If you take a conference like the NAB National Association of Broadcasters, Hotels and showroom floors are often filled to capacity.


Looking for a solution for live streaming conferences and meetings? This blog talks about how to broadcast live video of these events. You can bring conference speakers to an audience around the world. There are also benefits of streaming this content that is being created from your website as well and how to generate money doing it.


Take content you are already producing at your event and re-purpose it online for additional revenue by streaming video live. This creates added value for presenters and turns the people who were unable to attend into your audience. Making videos of speakers and events available as video on demand after the event gives you a much larger audience over time then not re-using content from a conference.

According to Exhibitor Media Group, in 2012 38% of attendees to all US trade shows were first timers. It’s also a concentrated industry according to TSNN Trade Show News Network. 50% of the largest shows in the US take place in just three cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. This creates a viable opportunity to target even more buyers and companies. Reaching outside of these areas with an online alternative.


Why live webcast your conference or live broadcast your event?

  • Stream key parts of sold out venues to extra viewers
  • Provide a more complete and added value service to companies and presenters
  • Show past events and presentations for on demand viewing to supplement live broadcasting
  • Increase event importance through broadening and globalizing audience
  • Broadcast preshow material to help build interest
  • Create sample videos to generate interest and lead to premium content spending
  • Highlight sponsors’ products in videos or interview exhibitors’ executives


Gravitylab provides a comprehensive suite of live webcasting services that is perfect for adding value and revenue to conferences and trade shows. This can be used as an online supplement or a complete solution. Education, IT and Medical are three most popular exhibition fields. With online streaming, you can turn a niche field into a success story, though.


Gravitylab delivers your video via a CDN built just for video. We’ve integrated with telecoms worldwide and put our streaming video servers in cities worldwide. This grants you the ability to target diverse audiences. You can reach far beyond Chicago and other cities where you may be attending or organizing a conference. We can grow with you as more people attend your online event, and you can broadcast to 10’s of 1000’s.


The key selling point of Gravitylab’s live streaming service for conferences is the opportunity for revenue. Gravitylab has developed a built-in paywall solution. All you have to do is specify a price and duration. The player does the rest. This includes creating secure logins for your audience. Transactions are also handled, and accepts credit card and PayPal. This is all managed from your own website. Gravitylab offers a complete integrated platform for broadcasting conferences, meetings and trade shows.


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