Mobile phone screens are the streaming video playback device of choice for those under 25

April 8, 2016 10:01 am Tags: No Comments 3 karma points

Watching streaming video on mobile phone screens is becoming the norm. 81% of Americans who use smartphones are now streaming video on those phones — a trend driven by millenials, NPD Group says in a new report.


The under 25 demographic uses mobile screens at a rate at about double as those over 25. This group is watching streaming video both of the TV and movie categories, mostly at Netflix, as well as short form content from YouTube.


The far reach and sustained use of this kind of mobile video viewership is important. The trend is there and it is an interesting one showing the ways in which consumer behavior has shifted to the small screen.


Specifically, those under 25 are watching about 18 minutes of Netflix every day on their phones. That compares to only eight minutes for older users. Likewise, the under-25 set views 14 minutes per day from YouTube on their phones, while their older counterparts watch seven minutes.


The mobile phone screen is winning as the TV device of choice for the next generation.


A related study from Deloitte confirms this finding. Millennials said the most important device in their home is their smartphone. About 56% of Millennials watch movies and TV shows on devices other than TVs, according to the Deloitte report. The researchers also found the Millennials spend more time streaming video than watching TV.


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