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We offer video acceleration host services through middle mile improvement, edge caching, DNS routing, and 27 CDN PoPs in cities worldwide. Our streaming video hosting gives you TCP optimization, intelligent routing, connection management, video playback acceleration, automatic cloud encoding + cloud transcoding, and dynamic web compression. We are the video solution and the answer for business hosting to route through the public internet and eliminate congestion related video slowdown, packet loss, video buffering, and video latency.


Video analytics and streaming media stats


GravityLab's video CDN upgrades everything about your video hosting: The way it is encoded, the way it is embedded, and the way it is cached globally for streaming hosting service from the edge. Speed up your site. Give your users the best streaming service on the market today.

GravityLab's CDN important advantages:

  • Transparently caching copies of the most requested files at major IxP datacenters. What does that mean? It means your streaming video originates from the same general geographic region as the person requesting to view it. We minimize or eliminate network hops that are not necessary or redundant.
  • Our streaming video CDN is built from the ground up to deploy the major streaming media applications (such as Flash Media Services, Darwin Streaming Server, et. al.) is measurably faster than traditional CDNs built for normal HTTP traffic.
  • A critical component of our CDN is the optimal caching and distribution of video, so we focus on that. The caching processes that put your multimedia in 27 datacenters must also be efficient for streaming media. We're focused on making caching 100% reliable.

Our CDN is an approach to streaming media that allows a consistently superior quality of experience (QoE) on any screen. If it has a screen capable of streaming video, we can get you video on that screen.


Want consistent, reliable playback across screens?


Are you sure your video plays well on 3GP in India, South America, and New Zealand? What about LA, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago?


We give you more reliability, less buffering, and higher retention then you have now.


We peer or have agreements with Telcos and IxPs. We peer with Edgecast, Internap, Softlayer, Deutch Telekom, and many more. We literally host your video and originate your live webcasts from 27 cities worldwide. We put your video on Solid State Storage - the gold standard for speed of access. We route your audience to your multimedia by determining the shortest hop from their location to a datacenter with your video.


Take a look at our CDN interactive map

  Streaming Video CDN

There are so many sources of online video in 2014, playback speed means attention over slower video. Attention means traffic. Video that plays back well and is indexed for search in the major search engines get 76% more engagement. The faster your pages, media, and other files load, the longer your visitors will stay. Suddenly video load time becomes a serious competitive advantage.

Video Kickstarter

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Video Grow

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Video Accelerate

Complete control over your video
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Tired of worrying about getting your streaming video project off your to-do list? Get started today.

  • Extremely competitive CDN pricing
  • Unparalleled speed and guaranteed reliability
  • Comprehensive content delivery analytics & reporting
  • No contracts and no overages.

Our CDN hosting services are intuitive + easy to use. No hosting contracts and no long term hosting commitments (stay if you like us, go if you don't, life is too short to waste time with your video host).


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