Mobile Video Hosting: Optimized video for phones, tablets, iOS and Android


GravityLab gets your Android and iOS video loading fast and working better than your competitor’s video.


Welcome to the future: mobile video from anywhere in the world. We put all your video on the fiber edge worldwide. Automatically optimize all your video for iPhone, Android, PC and Apple, tablets, phones, apps, Chromecast, Roku and more. Mobile video hosting across every platform. Where’s my flying car?


Whatever car you may fly, there are opportunities available right now if you can successfully deploy mobile video streaming to a global audience. However, it’s challenging to reach all the major mobile device screens. It is challenging to stream video from “local” PoPs worldwide. Mobile video hosting on a CDN that was built for streaming video.

GravityLab is a mobile video CDN and streaming service provider. We work behind the scenes to make sure your video plays well everywhere on every device possible. We specialize in making your content look great and just work across all the different mobile platforms, operating system versions, players and browsers.

If you want to reach an international audience in addition to iOS and Android phones and tablets, it requires specialized knowledge: Encoding, transcoding, embedding and automatic device detection to name a few.


The helpful staff at GravityLab wants you to leverage all the opportunities that our video hosting services offer, while we take care of the technical side. Now you can work on what it is that you do best. See, wasn’t that easy? We’re really good at making mobile multiscreen delivery (including PCs and Macs) easy.


Keep all of your mobile video audience engaged, happy, and coming back for more. Anywhere they are in the world.


We have Android Video and iOS video encoding perfected

Mobile video delivery to Android devices

Our player supports WebM, h.264 mp4 and FLV streaming for Android devices. We also support 3GPP and 3gp2 video to Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices for app development. We know you have better things to do with your time then experiment with video codecs. If you want to reach a wide spectrum of mobile video users with powerful video services tools, we provide you the lowest Android video hosting cost for Android video hosting.Browse our Android Video Knowledge Base.

Windows Mobile Video

Windows mobile IIS Smooth Streaming hosting

Windows Mobile video hosting. We offer smooth streaming from Microsoft’s IIS server and Windows Media video hosting with all tools you need to deploy video to Windows Mobile devices. Our embedded streaming video players deliver the right format to the right device every time, eliminating multiple sources or needless complexity for your users. You can count on our technical expertise to reach a wide spectrum of screens for wherever your audience is, without you having to worry about it.

iPhone iOS Video

Video Hosting for iPhone, iPad and all iOS videoApple HTTP Live Streaming to iPhone, iPad, and iOS, h.264 mp4, and AAC audio for mobile iOS video hosting. HLS hosting and iOS HLS encoding. You don’t need to worry about complex codecs and delivering the right video to the right device, our player delivers the right video to the requesting mobile device. We keep it simple for you to deliver your content to a wide range of mobile screens.Browse our iOS Video Hosting Knowledge Base.

Easy mobile video encoding

video hosting encodingLet us transcode your source video into formats and resolution standards provided by Apple, Android, RIM, and more. The learning curve for multi-screen delivery is steep, but we simply handle all your video mobile encoding. We work fast and we do it right the first time. Our clients know their video is being delivered at the highest quality streaming as well as conforming to precise specifications from the device manufacturers. Our transcoding cloud automates the process, all you need to do is upload your source file / video.

Blackberry, Kindle video and more

blackberry video hostingWe stream video to Blackberry devices, the black art of mobile streaming video hosting. Blackberry screens are notoriously difficult to deliver video to, partly because they require unique formats and protocols. RTSP streaming protocol, Hinted 3gp delivery: Our platform reaches Blackberry devices in North America, India, Asia and Europe. When it has to work, and it has to work with RIM devices, we are one of your few options with expertise.