CDN Download Hosting



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GravityLab’s CDN download hosting and streaming video hosting accelerates performance by a factor of 2x to 3x

Flexibility: We do it the way you want it done.

From small and subtle to huge, interactive experiences, Download Manager can fit your user experience model. No need to conform to a certain way of doing things, we’ll integrate with what you are already doing.

Global Delivery

Our intelligent CDN ensures files are transferred from the server that’s ideal for each end user. Places no geographical limitations on application access. Users can be located anywhere in the world.

Download Analytics

Robust reports on success/failure, user events (pause, resume, cancellations), and many more.


Are downloads your business’ commodity? Easliy integrate Download Manager into existing commerce and authentication systems.

Allows application owners to enhance content delivery without expanding data center resources

No hardware or cloud expansion necessary. Integrates completely with your current web assets, including dynamic resources.

Engage customers

Interactive panel can be customized to display fully-interactive content — including HTML5 and Flash.

Pull it all together

Make it easier — package multiple files together and serve through Download Manager without having to compress.




Get people their files. Fast. We route them to the closest datacenter behind the scenes and your site speeds up. The Benefits:


Deliver files quickly on a global scale

Whether you need to push a critical anti-virus update to millions or software purchases to a few, GravityLab’s 27 datacenter global footprint is the ideal solution.


Learn more about your end user

Our analytics give you important insight on user file activity while protecting their privacy. We can also integrate with Google Analytics.


Faster download hosting = More downloads

Downloading is integrated into our CDN – among the world’s fastest. And speed will keep your users coming back.


Increase engagement

Extend your visibility with the display of advertisements or other interactive elements with Gravitylab.