Streaming video encoding


Streaming Encoding Overview

From the time a video is shot until the end user views the stream, the bits and bytes forming the streaming media are subjected to several different pieces of hardware and software. Your audio and video is transformed from a moving picture into a series of ones and zeros. The information is processed by several software programs and transferred through the Internet to the end users’ computer in the form of streaming video.


GravityLab uses industry vetted best practices and continuously monitors the QA of your automatically transcoded video. We use battle tested streaming media conversion tools, software and scripts to encode your source video. You can ingest and start the transcoding process in our cloud. We can handle almost any video format – from born digital content to CD, Beta Tape, VHS, DVD, AVI, MOV and more.


Encoding and transcoding video content is resource intensive. Many capture, encode and delivery models require expensive hardware and technical know-how to complete the task. Other models require the media to be digitized or processed multiple times for different qualities and anticipated delivery platforms (such as computers, cell phones, mp3 players, tablets, etc.) GravityLab simplifies streaming media encoding for you, giving you an optimized digital video product that works well for your project and audience.


Encoding, Transcoding, HLS, MP4, x264, HTML5 video, WebM, iOS video encoding, Android video encoding, and much more. It all happens automatically in your account.


GravityLab will take care of all the processor intensive video encoding for you. We make sure your video is optimized across all devices and screens.


We continuously monitor your hosting account for new video content. If our video cloud finds new videos you’ve uploaded, your source video is automatically encoded by our distributed encoding video cloud network. We slice, dice, and process with ffmpeg and encode your video for a wide range of devices and screens, perfectly.


Sit back, relax, and let us worry about making your video perfect. We’re already experts getting your video on every OS, phone, tablet, browser and encoded and streamed to every screen.


1. Upload your videos using FTP or your Media Center control panel: We can also add a server under your control as an origin for our encoding cloud to monitor.


2. Your upload folder on our CDN is checked every 5 minutes for new content: You don’t have to lift a finger or wait for us to get to your video.


Getting started with our perfect automatic encoding is easy:

3. When new video is found, it is ingested into our powerful storage cloud that can burst up to 1000s of processors under heavy load. Our encoding cloud was built to handle 1000s of videos at a time.


4. Your video is transcoded to HLS, mp4, Webm, HEVC, VP9, 4k Video and more: It’s taken us years of trial and error to find the perfect transcoding balance that hits that sweet spot between video size and video quality.


5. Your transcoded video is put in your output folder. Once your video is finished encoding, it’s immediately available for embedding into your website or anywhere else.


Relax. We can help.

We do all of the heavy lifting to support advanced video delivery to Apple mobile devices. You embed any of our many html5 players into your website, or keep it on your page and use an iframe (like youtube or vimeo, only a better, faster worldwide network).features.

We already know how to do this stuff


Your audience is routed via the shortest hop to our datacenters and 27 POPs. Your video is streamed from the closet edge node.


We are an encoding special forces strike team. We take the burden off your shoulders of encoding perfect streaming video that hits the optimized resolutions and bit rate for all of your audience. We can accommodate large repositories of video with our encoding cloud built on ffmpeg. Get started today by signing up for one of our introductory video hosting plans.


Transcoding and streaming video encoding for multi-screen playback can quickly turn into a dark forest: Dead ends and wasted time.

We won’t waste your time (or computer processors) experimenting on how to encode your streaming video perfectly. We already know exactly how to transcode for the widest range of screens possible, and we are streaming video encoding and transcoding experts. MP4 and H.264 perfected. Transcoding for iOS and Android. Phones, Tablets, Screens. HD or SD. Our encoding just works.

Video transcoding can be challenging. There are a lot of screens, operating systems and browsers, your video has to look great and playback well on them all. We’re here to help make your day a little easier. We have years of experience with streaming video encoding: HTML5, mobile, tablets, HD and much much more. You manage your video encoding from our easy to use web interface and choose a ‘watch folder’ to upload your source video. We do the rest.


Easy to use automatic video transcoding that just works, when you simply don’t have time to do it twice.


So what is encoding exactly? Why is it hard?


Encoding is the process whereby streaming video files are prepared for delivery over the internet via compression. The quality of the encoding used to convert your media to a streaming digital format can have a direct impact on the quality of your user’s experience online.


Get it right the first time.

Your source video quality (what you start with), and the method it’s encoded (what your viewers watch), impacts your audience’s overall experience. Nothing will have a bigger impact on the overall quality of your video and your bandwidth used to stream it, then the encoding / transcoding. It’s worth paying attention to and worth doing right. We are experts who can deliver your video to a wide range of devices and screens to every corner of the world on our streaming CDN.

Let our cloud do the encoding


Automatic, Easy, Cost effective: We take any video format you currently have, and encode it to streaming video for every screen, including mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. HTML5, Apple HTTP streaming, Flash video, Silverlight smooth streaming and more.


Read more about streaming and mobile video encoding


Your source format: Digital video ( AVI, MOV, DIVX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 )


Convert to (final format): Total Amount of Video included Cost
Hosting tagged ‘ Flash ‘”>Flash or mpeg4 up to 10GB of source video $29.99 / month
Windows Media, Silverlight, IIS Smooth Streaming up to 10GB of source video $29.99 / month
Apple Hosting tagged ‘ HTTP Streaming ‘”>HTTP Streaming (m3u8), QuickTime Video, m4v, mpeg2 up to 10GB of source video $29.99 / month
3GP, 3GPP2, Real Video up to 10GB of source video $29.99 / month

Need streaming video encoding for tape? Need us to use streaming video encoding for mobile streaming?


Source Media (tape or DVD) Setup Fee Rate
DVD $25.00 $3.75/minute
1/2 inch Tape $75.00 $3.75/minute
DV Cam $75.00 $3.75/minute
Other (Beta Tape, Reel to Reel) $75.00 $3.75/minute