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Adaptive Bit Rate using “HLS” live webcasting: Plans and pricing

live webcasting that quickly adapts to your client’s available bandwidth

Live video broadcasting via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). HTML5 compliant. Accepted standard for a growing group of mobile phones, tablets, and modern browsers



Did you know that live ‘HTTP Live Streaming’ video over a cellular network with a duration of 10 minutes or more, must use the live HTTP Live Streaming protocol and include an audio-only 64 Kbps stream? Don’t get your video project held up by what you don’t know.


Let us optimize, encode, and help you embed your HLS video, at the lowest video hosting prices in the industry.


Gravitylab upgrades everything about your video hosting: The way it is encoded, the way it is embedded, and the way it is cached globally for streaming directly from the edge. Speed up your site. Give your users the best streaming service.

HTTP Live Streaming, (aka HLS or ‘Apple HLS’), streams video / audio / multimedia (normally .ts MPEG2 chunks). The ‘chunks’ or fragments of video are streamed to the requesting browser via HTTP ports (usually :80 or :8080). The player, usually acting as a plugin (chrome is the exception, has native support) decodes HLS from there.


On my work desktop VLC has taken over the file type and MIME associations in Firefox and IE.   iOS devices and some (but not all) Android flavors can play back HLS video. Every Android tablet and phone we’ve tested released in the last 12 months as of 01/31/2014 has played nice with HLS. Android can also play HDS, but let’s just talk about HTTP Live Streaming for now.   What you will quickly discover is that HLS encoding of your source video to ‘HTTP Live Streaming’ is an unforgiving, difficult, uphill slog in the rain.


If you rely on YouTube alone, you cannot shake the appearance of being an amateur. That’s OK, we won’t hate….


…And we’ll be here when you’re ready to level up.


Correctly encoded using h.264 ‘baseline profile’, your video will play across Hosting tagged ‘ iPhone ‘”>iPhone 3G+, iPad 1st Gen+, iPod touch, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy III (and newer Android versions), desktop / laptop computers (*nix, OS X + Windows) running modern browsers.

Question: How can I transcode video for my iOS app so that it will meet Apple’s app development standards the first time? (Read more tech specs at (new window) ).


HTTP Live Streaming supports both ‘live broadcasts’ and ‘prerecorded content (video on demand)’ using multiple streams (multi bit rate) at different bit resolutions and kbps. The client software can switch streams intelligently as network bandwidth changes in real world conditions.


Apple HLS video player demo: basic jwplayer 6.x


HLS video player demo 2: 3 HLS video Embeds via JW Player that roll over from .m3u8 / HLS, then h264 mp4 via FMS / Wowza (or what ever application you wish) via rtmp. You know, Flash. Bandwidth negotiation over rtmp:// or encrypted and secure rtmpe:// *


* Gravitylab’s HTTP Live Streaming hosting also provides for media encryption and user authentication over HTTPS, so you can protect your content.

 Read our security policy and recommendation

We may have 1 or 2 best practices and security issues you did not have known about. Perhaps you have no need to review OPSEC. Good luck and godspeed to you.


We also provide automatic encoding of any source video you upload. It’s “automatic” because our CDN recursively searches a folder in your new account for new content you’ve added.


If found, we ingest your video through a distributed cloud separated from our CDN. Separated for security and so that large encoding jobs do not interfere with streaming bandwidth. You can also customize our encoding cloud’s specs for your specific  modernizing encoding formats and transcoding large archives.   You can couple any live or on demand flash plan with Apple HTTP Live Streaming with your hosting account at Gravitylab.


HTTP Live Streaming / HLS Quick Resources

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