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GravityLab is a video hosting & streaming media services company. We’ve been lighting up the internet and the hosting business since 2005.

World class Content Delivery Network built for video streaming
Speed up your video: Host your video on the fiber edge. 100% SSD storage. Your video stream is routed from 27 cities worldwide.
best streaming video hosting services
Video services: Helpful workflow tools such as cloud encoding and video SEO. Or lock down access completely.

Mobile and tablet video optimizedWe are industry experts at mobile device delivery. Perfect streaming video to phones, tablets and anything portable.

streaming audio hosting and mp3 hosting
Expert streaming audio hosting. We can curate audio archives, make collections searchable, and more.
H.265 HEVC - Over the Top TV hosting - OTT TV host
Multiscreen streaming and video encoding: The phone in your pocket, the TV in your living room. We make it easy.


We’re experienced, battle tested experts. We host your video on a reliable, fast CDN built out just for streaming media hosting.


Your on-demand video and website content is stored on fast SSD drives, cached and replicated across our network footprint. That makes your streaming  fast and originating locally in 27 cities worldwide.

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Need your video streaming to stand out from the static?

Video may be the 1st impression a new user will have of your company. What message are you sending through your video playback? GravityLab improves your workflow. We make your video streaming web development easier, and that saves you time. We make your video look better, and that gets you clients. That’s time and money folks.

Speeding up your video makes your overall website faster.  Get started >>

Does your streaming video catch and hold your audience?

You want your playback to be consistent, reliable, and available. Your video is the 1st impression some of your clients will have of your company . We can help, improve the user experience, and generally upgrade the video on your site. Don’t take our word for it!

Want your video hosting to be easier? Use our valet service to migrate from another service. Have you already invested a lot of time in collecting your video on 1 platform? We’re happy to move you over at no cost to you.

We don’t compete with the social sites at all. We enhance the video social sharing sites, they are tools in your toolbox. We add better branding to your YouTube© Presence, make sure your video embeds organically on Facebook©, Twitter©, LinkedIn©, and everywhere else you need to look great.

Hosting Upgrade #1: Global Cache

Take a look at our CDN map.

We have peering agreements with IxP tier 1 data center facilities in the following cities:
  • North America: Los Angeles (2), San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn and New York
  • Europe: London (2), Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, ViennaAsia: Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Australia: Sydney ( adding Melbourne streaming hosting in 2014 ! )
  • South America: Argentina (1) + Brazil (1)


Hosting Upgrade #2: Month-to-Month

Life is too short to be stuck with something you don’t want or need anymore.

Deciding on a streaming hosting provider can be a big decision, especially if you have a large archive of videos. If you decide that some aspect of our service is not going to meet your needs, that’s OK. We want your project to succeed. With or without us.


You may cancel any time for any reason. That’s in writing in our Terms of Service.


Hosting Upgrade #3: Proactive Security

We take video security seriously.

Our comprehensive security strategy maximizes your content up-time, protects your private information, and reduces business risk.
We make sure your data’s safety with certified operational rules, a range of software and hardware security solutions, and strategic partnerships with key security companies.


Hosting Upgrade #4: Reliability & Speed

Time has proven to anyone we do business with that we’re useful to keep around. Our CDN is battle tested, and reliable.
Your archive is redundantly stored and backed up to tape drives every single day. Our platform gives you valuable tools to speed up your video, your site, and generally improve your entire web presence. Our uptime guarantee is 99.9%, (please review our TOS for more details.)

Upgrade yourself and Welcome to the best streaming video hosting decision you could have made.


Hosting Upgrade #5: Support Service

We know very well your time is valuable. Many believe time is our most precious commodity.
Our video hosting platform is intuitive to use, easy to navigate, and easy to understand.

In other words, we value your time.

We want to make your work with video a lot easier. Your CDN account will be deployed the same day you sign up, so you can put our hosting services to work quickly. We’re standing by ready to support you in all your video endeavors.


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