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We’re streaming video experts. Nice to meet you.



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Let’s start with the basics: Location, history, key contacts

GravityLab was originally formed to broadcast live concerts from San Francisco, Eugene Oregon, Portland OR, and Seattle WA, in 2001 by JD Hauger.



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GravityLab Inc

2852 Willamette St #225
Eugene, OR 97403-8200
United States

Toll Free: 1-800-995-5832

Overseas / Direct: 011-541-687-4328


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Deep in the heart of Eugene
2852 Willamette St #225

Eugene, OR 97405

Phone: 1-800-995-5832


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The Business Law Centre

ATTN: Jill R Featherstonhaugh

1158 High St #101

Eugene, OR 97401


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Year founded





 Registered as state of Oregon Corp





Reached 1000th customer (aggregate: active / inactive clients)






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State of Oregon Online Business Registry


Chamber of Commerce Accreditation


BBB Listing


What did GravityLab look like on the web in 2003? (


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Our clients are our investors – You invest in our company by paying for our daily operations.


Client support: Open a support ticket


Billing: Contact our billing department


General inquiries: Use our form, monitored 24×7


GravityLab complies with all aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (42 USC 512) (“DMCA”) and maintains and enforces a policy whereby it will terminate services to any end user that is not in compliance. Please direct all DMCA questions or concerns to:


GravityLab Multimedia Inc
Content Support
Attn: DMCA
PO Box 3016
Eugene OR 97403-0016





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Our streaming and mobile services CDN infrastructure is built on the backs of giants: Cogent™, AT&T™, Verizon™, Edgecast, Cloudflare™, Internap™, and others. High end hardware, hooked into a massively scalable cloud.


An easy user interface, and knowledgeable friendly support staff. GravityLab is a best in breed streaming video hosting with a proactive, tenacious video safety and streaming security policy and procedures.


Upgrade your video and get started today.