How to create a video sitemap

Best practices for creating a XML video sitemap for your website

Video Sitemaps provide Google and other search engines with video metadata (title, date, description, author and more). Correctly formatting your sitemap xml will update search engines with info about your video of the category, who the video is for, and how the search engines should index it. You can specify the title, description, running time, and intended audience for each video contained on the site.

When your video is indexed, your video will start showing up in the search engines, and with GravityLab’s hosting, you can ensure that video plays back well, all over the world. Your user’s attention is short; research from comscore says 70% of users will abandon a video if they have to wait more than 15 seconds for it to start loading.

Here’s a great video from google about video sitemap concepts.

Have a large video archive? We can create a video sitemap for large, multi site video archives. Our roots are in Digital Asset Management, and we can develop your video sitemap for you and save you staff time and resources doing so. Contact us to discuss your project.