Video for Website / HTML5 video players / Mobile html5 players


High motion long form video using HLS / adaptive bit rate







Embedded video players that stream across a wide variety of screens and platforms :


It’s your video and marketing brand. Your clients. Your ads.

Upgrade to higher quality video on a fast worldwide network and really own your video assets


Our global video CDN ensures your streaming video works across every screen. We cache your video in 27 cities worldwide so it’s fast in Syndney, Dubai and LA. Upgrade to business video hosting.





What else do our video players do?

Our players support HTML5, HLS, HDS, MP4, WebM and more


Out of the box HTML5 support, 99% browser coverage, Both iOS and Android phones and tablets, your custom logo, custom design before and after the video, liquid / responsive players, Google Analytics integration, and long or dynamic playlists.


We’re ready to get to work for you. Get started today.




Streaming video hosting services playersOur HTML5 video players are easy to set up.

We take all the work of embedding off your to-do list. Embedding lets you to take your video and embed it in a webpage. For example, you can embed a video on your blog and then people can watch your video there without having to visit another site. If you’d like to learn more about html5 video players, take a look at article on html5 video.


Can I create custom designs for my video players?

Will my video players / embedded videos play on mobile devices?


Yes, our players are compatible with a variety of mobile devices including iOS and Android.


We can also encode, or help you encode, for phones, tablets, and computer screens and more.


Our streaming media expertise ensures your video looks good, plays fast, and your streaming video player works great for your entire global audience, whatever screen they use.

Will my embedded videos use the HTML5 player?

Embedded videos will play using the best player for the device requesting the video. We use HTML5 elements for player embedding, but then those are enhanced if possible. You can rest assured that the best possible presentation is delivered to whatever device is requesting your video.
Skins and video player controls are some examples of how our players are enhanced above and beyond just HTML5 embedding.

Can I embed my video on an HTTPS domain?

Yes, GravityLab’s embed code works automatically on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.

Can I use my logo in the embedded player?

Yes! Give your embeds a little extra swag by uploading a custom logo. We recommend using transparent 100×100 PNG files.
We can help you brand your player completely.