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We are html5 video host experts, with fast transcoding services and a fast video CDN that keeps your audience happy.


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Use our CDN to cache your video assets all over the world. Your audience is routed to the closest hop and gets your video streamed from the nearest data center, and those videos arrive faster than any other hosting. Faster video means more attention. It’s up to you what happens when you have their full attention.

HTML5 video hosting service with no contracts and no commitments. Use our hosting service to stream your video perfectly to a worldwide audience.

We’re the company you wished you hired for your last streaming video project. Why are we so sure? Here’s a couple good reasons:

1. Useful is forever: Bells and whistles wear off, but usefulness never does. We build useful sites that do just what you need and nothing you don’t.


2. Great service is everything: We’re known for fast and helpful customer service. We strive to live up to that reputation every day.


3. Clarity rules: Be true to your mission, sensationalized sales-and-marketing-lingo have no place here. We help you to communicate clearly and honestly.


4. The basics are beautiful: We’ll never skip the fundamentals. Great service, ease to use sites, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.


5. Video delivery should be easy: Our project designs are intuitive. You and your customers will start using them immiedietely. not hours, days or weeks.


HTML5 is a web standard being developed by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group. The HTML5 video element is here to stay. It will be adopted by all modern web browsers and is already heavily in use with mobile video. You need a HTML5 Video PLayer (We have those), but that’s just the start . . .
A video player, HTML5 and CSS3, or jquery based, is only as good as the video CDN, the video encoding service and hosting behind it. Video Hosting manages everything from content, encoding, players, and playlists to analytics and advertising.


HTML5 Video: Streaming hosting services simplified :


The simplified embedding and presentation of HTML5 video makes it seem like an obvious video encoding choice. However, when you begin to implement your HTML5 video, you start to realize how quickly complex the endeavor can be. Each of the HTML5 video compatible browsers support a different video codec (Safari likes H.264, Chrome likes WEBM, Firefox likes Ogg) and those that don’t support HTML5 video (Internet Explorer) need a Flash Video fallback.


Let GravityLab deal with the complexity by automatically transcoding your video into the necessary HTML5 video formats and automatically handle all necessary browser detection and automatic rollover.



HTML5 Video Hosting

HTML5 Video HostingHTML5 or Flash or …? Why Choose? Our embedded streaming video players deliver the right format to the right device every time, eliminating multiple sources or needless complexity for your users. GravityLab provides FREE HTML5 video and players for your web site, and we have supported mp4 h264 video for years on our CDN. You can count on our technical expertise reaching a wide spectrum of screens for wherever your audience is.

High Def HD Video Hosting

High Definition HD Video Hosting

Viewers with high bandwidth connections and modern computers can experience full HD 1080p quality streaming, while others with lower bandwidth or older computers receive an appropriate stream. The result is simple: Your entire audience can enjoy a compelling, uninterrupted streaming experience that leads to longer audience engagement and more revenue opportunities.


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