Live video streaming

We really can help reach your audience and bring your video content to the masses better than other, larger, corporations. Here’s the live streaming services available with our global CDN video hosting :


  • > Live Wowza streaming server hosting


Easy integration and custom player development on your website for your live webcast. We have a lot of great streaming video players.


Why not stream to your live audience on your terms, from your website, with your branding? We make live video delivery to computer screens, TV screens, tablets and hand-held devices simple and cost-effective.


Live Video Services:


Flash Media Server

HLS and HDS live webcasting Flash Media Server live video streaming using RTMP with bandwidth negotiation, intelligent GeoIP routing of your stream, and multiple encoder ingest points worldwide for optimization.

HDS & HLS for live events

Mobile video hosting, HTML5 and mpeg4 (mp4) hosting Stream live to iOS devices and a broad range of cross-platform screens using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

WMS Smooth Streaming

IIS smooth streaming and windows media streaming
Live IIS Smooth streaming and live Windows Media services that your audience connects to from multiple points of presence worldwide.

Speed up your site and stream your video to your end users faster with us. GravityLab gives you powerful, secure streaming servers that intelligently route your audience to your video from 27 points of presence on 4 continents. Have a look at our CDN interactive map.