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The best live streaming video hosting on the planet.

Live Flash Media Server video broadcasting via RTMP.


Flash Media Services, or FMS is multi-bitrate, adaptive streaming over rtmp, secure video streaming, live video streaming.

Flash Streaming is HTML5 compliant. It is a standard for a huge group of users online: mobile phones, tablets, and modern browsers

Video not available on your screen.

Let us optimize, encode, and help you embed your HLS video, at the lowest video hosting prices in the industry.


Gravitylab upgrades everything about your video hosting: The way it is encoded, the way it is embedded, and the way it is cached globally for streaming directly from the edge. Speed up your site. Give your users the best streaming service.




HTTP Live Streaming, (aka HLS or ‘Apple HLS’), streams video / audio / multimedia (normally .ts MPEG2 chunks). The ‘chunks’ or fragments of video are streamed to the requesting browser via HTTP ports (usually :80 or :8080). The player,  acting as a plugin (chrome is the exception, has native support) decodes HLS from there.


On my work desktop VLC has taken over the file type and MIME associations in Firefox and IE.   iOS devices and some (but not all) Android flavors can play back HLS video. Every Android tablet and phone we’ve tested released in the last 12 months as of 01/31/2014 has played nice with HLS. Android can also play HDS, but let’s just talk about HTTP Live Streaming for now.   What you will quickly discover is that HLS encoding of your source video to ‘HTTP Live Streaming’ is an unforgiving, difficult, uphill slog in the rain.

We will help reach your global video audience and bring your live video content to the masses better than our live hosting competitors. Here’s the live streaming services available with our global CDN video hosting :


  • > Live Wowza streaming server hosting


Easy integration and custom player development on your website for your live webcast. We have a lot of great streaming video players.


Why not stream to your live audience on your terms, from your website, with your branding? We make live video delivery to computer screens, TV screens, tablets and hand-held devices simple and cost-effective.


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