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HLS, HTTP Live Streaming, HLS Live, HTTP Live Streaming on demand … Confused yet?

HLS is the new standard in Live Streaming. Huge organizations are driving this shift, including the NFL and HBO. Don’t get left behind and let your competitors pass you by. Upgrade to HLS to give your customers the ultimate live experience whether they’re watching from a smartphone or a 80″ flatscreen.

It’s all in the name. HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming, and it can be used as an encoding format hosting on demand video. HLS can also be used for live webcasts, called ‘Live HTTP Live Streaming’ or ‘Live HLS’.


We can stream your HLS live webcast as HTTP Live Streaming, aka HLS, to a wide variety of devices including Android.

Use Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE 3.2 help and instructions), Wirecast, or send us your h.264 stream. We’ll give you complete instructions for embedding your player on your site, and support you getting started with your webcast.


… Load the video manually …


Live HTTP Dynamic Streaming and live Flash webcasting and mobile video services: We are live webcasting service experts, and can successfully put your live broadcast on a broad range of mobile devices.


When your live video is mission critical and you need 100% assurance of a successful online broadcast, turn to the live video experts.

Our Live Flash Video broadcasting services:


Want to get started?

We make deploying your live HLS stream easy:Your account uses an easy to embed custom player for your live video stream. Brandable and customizable, copy and paste anywhere.

You can use Flash Media Live Encoder, a free encoder from Adobe, and be setup with us and sending your live stream the same day you sign up.

Your live broadcast and easy to embed player will automatically deliver the right live video stream to the right device. You won’t have to support multiple devices or confuse your audience.

live stream hosting encoding HLS for live streaming HLS streaming to android, iOS and others


HLS and HTTP Live Streaming live webcast pricing:


Need HLS / HTTP Live Streaming / HTTP Adaptive Bit Rate? We make complex multi-bit rate live broadcasting easy. Check here for pricing.


Flash Media Server Live Streaming (HDS / Flash / Multi bitrate):