Mobile 3GP, RTSP Streaming and MP4 Compatible Phone and mobile streaming list that work with our hosting platform

GravityLab puts your video on more screens with more reliability worldwide than any other CDN or streaming hosting provider

3GP Compatible Mobile Phones that are confirmed and working well with our 3GP video hosting, rtsp protocol streaming, H.264 MP4 hosting and more.



1600, 2600, 3128, 3220, 3230, 3250, 3620, 3650, 3660, 5140i, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6060, 6101, 6102, 6103, 6111, 6170, 6230, 6230i, 6260, 6270, 6280, 6600, 6610, 6620, 6630, 6650, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6820, 6822, 7200, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7360, 7370, 7380, 7600, 7610, 7650, 7700, 7710, 8800, 9210i, 9300, 9500, E60, E61, E70, N90, N91, N70, N-Gage, N-Gage QD




008, 009, A1000, A1010, A6188, A630, A668, A728, A732, A768, A768i, A780, A830, A835, A840, A845, A860, A890, A910, A920, A925, C117, C380, C385, C390, C650, C975,C980, E1000, E1060, E1070, E1120, E1150, E375, E378i, E398, E610, E680, E725, E738i, E770, E895, L6, L7v, MPx, MPx100, MPx110, MPx200, MPx220, v220, v226, v235, v270, v280, v330, v360, v500, v505, v535, v547, v550, v551, v555, v557, v560, v600, v620, v635, v660, v690, v700, v710, v820, v872, v878, v880, v975, V980, v1000, v1050, v1150, SLVR L7, SLVR V8, V3, V3i, V6 PEBL, V80, Razr V3x, Razr V3xv, ROKR E1





A680, A890, A900, A940, B100, D410, D500, D500E, D510, D550, D600, D600, D710, D720, D730, E300, E310, E340, E350, E530, E530e, E600, E620, E640, E720, E730, E750, E880, I250, I300, I500, I505, I700, I750, MM A700, P510, P730, P850, P860, SPH A940, SPH-A800, SCH-S250, T309, T809, x495, X610, X640, X660, X700, X800, Z107, Z110, Z130, Z130 SHP, Z140, Z300, Z500, Z500, Z700



Blackberry / RIM / BB:


Blackberry storm (all OS versions), bold (all OS versions), Blackberry curve (all OS versions), Blackberry pearl (all OS versions), Blackberry 8830 (all OS versions), Blackberry playbook (OS versions post RIM OS 7), Blackberry 8310 (all OS versions), Blackberry 8100 (all OS versions), BlackBerry Z30 (all OS versions), BlackBerry Z10 (all OS versions), Porsche Design P9982 from BlackBerry, Porsche Design P9983 from BlackBerry

Siemens: C72, C75, CC75, CF110, CF75, CL75, CX65, CX70, CX75, M65, M75, ME75, S65, S75, SFG75, SG75, SK65, SL65, SL75, SP65, ST60, SX1, SX45, SX66, SXG75, U10, U15


Sony Ericsson: D750, D750i, F500i, J210, J300, J300i, K300a, K300i, K500, K500i, K506, K508i, K600, K600i, K608i, K700i, K750, K750i, P800, P900, P908, P910, P910i, P990, S600, S700i, S710a, V600, V600i, V800, W550, W550i, W600, W600i, W800, W800i, W900i, Z208, Z500, Z500a, Z520, Z600, Z608, S700i, Z800, Z800i, Z1010


LG:B2100, F3000, G7070, G7100, G7120, G7200, L5100, M4300, M4330, M4410, M535, P7200, S5100, S5200, T5100, U8100, U8110, U8120, U8180, U8330, U8360, U8380, U880, VX7000


Panasonic: MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X300, X500, X700, X800, Z800


Philips: 568, 760, 766, 868, 960, 968, Xenium 9@9e


NEC: 802, c616v, E122, e228, e238, e313, e338, E353, E540, e616, E949, N100, N109, N110, N160, N200, N343i, N400i, N410i, N500, N600i, N610, N620, N750, N840, N850, N900iG, N920, N923, N940


Orange: SPV 2020, SPV C500, SPV C550, SPV E100, SPV E200, SPV M1000, SPV M2000


Alcatel: OT 535, OT 556, OT 565, OT 756, OT 757, OT 835, OT C551, OT C555, OT C652, OT C656, OT C750, OT S853


BenQ: A500, M350, Morpheus, P30, P31, P50, S700, S80, U700


Mitsubishi: M430i/M900, M520, M760, M800


O2: X3, X4, X7, XDA, XDA Atom, XDA Exec, XDA II, XDA II Mini, XDA IIs, XDA Orion, XDA Phone, XM, Xphone, Xphone II


Sagem: MY S-7, MY V76, MY V85, MY X-4, MY X-7, My X-8, MY X6-2, MY XV56, MY Z5


Bird: M08


Sanyo: MM 7400


Sendo: X, X2


Haier: N60


i-mate: JAM, JAM Black, JASJAR, K-JAM, PDA2, PDAk2, Pocket Pc, SP3, SP3i, SP4m, SP5, SP5m


Innostream: INNO 30, INNO 36, INNO 50, INNO 55, INNO 70, INNO 75, INNO 78, INNO 79, INNO 80, INNO 89, INNO 90, INNO 99, INNO A10, INNO A20, INNO P10


Mitac: MIO 8380, MIO 8390, MIO 8870, MIO A701


Neonode: N1, N1m


Pantech: G670, GB200, GF200, GF500, GI100, PG-1200, PG-1400 ,PG-3000, PG-3500, PG-3600, PG-6100, PG-8000


Sharp: 703, 802, 902, 903, GX15, GX17, GX20, GX25, GX30, GX30I, TM100, TM100, TM150, TM200, V801Sh


Here is a list of Players and Devices that have been tested and confirmed working with our hosting. The list is not comprehensive:

Desktop players

  • Flash player on all supported platforms
  • Silverlight player on all support platforms
    • Smooth Streaming
  • QuickTime player
    • RTSP/RTP: Windows and OSX
    • HLS: OSX Snow Leopard or greater
  • VideoLAN VLC (all platforms)
    • RTSP/RTP (UDP and interleaved)
  • RealPlayer (mixed success)
    • RTSP/RTP playback works on Mac OSX

Mobile Handsets and Handheld Devices

  • Apple iPhone all flavors OS 3.0 or greater
  • Apple iPod touch all flavors OS 3.0 or greater
  • Apple iPad
  • Blackberry Curve 8900/8520, Storm 9500/9520/9530/9550, Bold 9000/9700, Tour 9630
  • Motorola Droid
    • Verizon US, WiFi
  • Motorola Milestone
  • Telus (Canada), WiFi
  • Verizon Incredible
  • Verizon US, WiFi
  • Palm Pre
    • Verizon US, WiFi
  • Nexus One
  • HTC Magic, Hero, Desire
  • Nokia e52, 5800, N98
  • T-Mobile G1
  • Samsung Galaxy S, Omnia
  • Xperia SO-01B (NTT Docomo)

Set-top boxes

  • Amino A130
    • RTSP/RTP and MPEG-TS (unicast, multicast)
  • Enseo
    • MPEG-TS (unicast, multicast)
  • Roku
    • HLS
  • Verismo VN1000HD, VuNow
    • MPEG-TS (unicast, multicast)

Game Consoles

  • Sony Playstation 3
    • H.264/AAC/VP6/MP3
    • RTMP, RTMPT (I did not try the secure methods)
  • Nintendo WII
    • VP6/MP3
    • RTMP, RTMPT (I did not try the secure methods)