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GravityLab’s experienced staff can collaborate with your IT staff or web development team to provide and maintain the streaming video presence your project, web site or app requires. We deploy high end m3u8, HLS and adaptive bit rate video players, in addition to multi screen playback.

Video Hosting that integrates highly available intelligent caching with GeoIP and cloud encoding. with your mobile apps and web site.
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Utilize Gravitylab’s streaming video experts to speed your time to market and allow your IT staff to focus on the important tasks at hand. HTML5, Android, iOS, phones from most manufacturers, tablets of all kinds. If it plays video we can reach it using industry established, highly effective streaming video transcoding, embedding, and SEO tactics.

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We provide a proven, consistent, reliable streaming experience from our 28 POP CDN. GravityLab transparently caches your video in cities worldwide. Is your audience in Melbourne (or Paris, or India, or Brazil)? Your audience is served up your streaming video from their geographic region from servers built out for streaming video.

Hosting Plans and Pricing


Our video hosting and streaming video CDN infrastructure is built out and focused on streaming media.


State of the art physical servers built out in 27 datacenters in cities around the world (read more). GravityLab is a whole different breed of streaming host focused on adaptive video, playback quality assurance, speed and reliability.


Level up your video hosting with streaming video servers, routing your audience to the Internet Exchange Point geographically closest to them, often within the last mile at major Internet Exchange Points.


We peer with telecom giants such as AT&T, Verizon, Telecom Australia, Telecom Italia and CDN service partners, to transparently cache your video on our edge servers.


Stay if we’re useful, go if we’re not. Life is too short to pay for something you don’t need any more.


Since our company start up in 2005, we have offered ‘month-to-month’ contracts. Our reasoning is simple: life is too short to pay for something you don’t want or need anymore. Pay for the video hosting you need today, not 6 months from now. Stay with us for as long as you need. All our clients can scale bigger or upgrade your features without having to renegotiate a long-term commitment.


GravityLab gets your Android phone and tablet and iOS video loading fast and working better and we do it faster than our competitors.