HLS Live Mobile Video

Live mobile streaming video using HTTP Live Streaming

Powerful live mobile streaming services to put your video on as many screens as you possibly can.


Our mobile video streaming services gets your live event broadcast on the largest amount of mobile screens in geographically diverse locations. GravLab takes a single stream from your encoder ( we recommend Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, or NewTek Tricaster ) and we serve your event using the right formats and right players from 27 Points of Presence; including 7 POPs in the United States.

Webcast your live event to iOS (iphone, ipad), all the major modern browsers and more, using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Our HLS / HDS streaming services puts your video on about every major phone on the market today. We’re experienced, battle tested experts; GravLab has been encoding, hosting and delivering video to mobile phones since 2007. That’s before smartphones and before tablets, before modern browsers were available on mobile devices at all. We’ve been doing this since the dark ages of Nokia, Motorola, roaming charges and obscure, non-standard methods of encoding video for cell networks that often couldn’t handle video streaming. Experience matters when your live webcast is mission critical.

We’re the video industry experts at live mobile video services. Our streaming CDN platform evolves and adds capabilities all the time to stream video to whatever rectangle with a screen your audience uses.

North America, Europe and Asia ingest your live stream, then we intelligently and dynamically originate your live webcast from 27 Points of Presence on 4 continents. Distribute your live stream via the shortest hop intelligently routed to the closest edge to your audience. Speak to your clients from our 9 POPs in the North America, 2 South American POPs, 12 in Europe, 5 in Asia, … and Dubai, Sydney Australia and more. Upgrade your video’s speed and performance with our CDN.


Quick overview of HTTP Live Streaming

HTTP Live Streaming, or HLS, streams video content over browser HTTP ports for playback on iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV, desktop computers (OS X + Windows), modern browsers and some Android devices. HTTP Live Streaming supports both live broadcasts and prerecorded content (video on demand) using multiple streams at different bit rates, and the client software can switch streams intelligently as network bandwidth changes.

GravityLab’s HTTP Live Streaming hosting also provides for media encryption and user authentication over HTTPS, so you can protect your content. Read our security policy and recommendations.

We have some awesome tools for automatic streaming encoding into your video development workflows. Visual, informative stats that give you valuable insight into your audience and their behavior.

… we also can ingest your stream from Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Tricaster and more. Live streaming from Europe, Asia, or South America? We can ingest your stream at a geographically close datacenter

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