Easy to use, powerful music distribution.


Gravitylab's tools are simple enough for beginners, yet can meet your custom demands. Our hosting platform is fast, reliable, and streams your video from points of presence local to your audience. Take a look at our global network.

Music Hosting Plans and Pricing (on demand):

Music Hosting Free

Full featured trial


1 GB Audio & Video Storage

100 GB of Audio and Video bandwidth

Music Hosting 1.0

Get busy on the mic


5 GB Audio & Video Storage on our CDN

500 GB of Audio and Video bandwidth

Music Hosting 2.0

Move your archive online


10 GB Global CDN Storage

1 Terabyte bandwidth


Want a hands off experience that lets you focus on what you do best? We can do your video production on site, everything including a multi-camera production webcast live to thousands of viewers, followed by making the broadcast available same day.

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