Streaming Video CDN map


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A Content Delivery Network CDN is a system of distributed caches, in our case the caches are on phyiscal servers using SSD storage around he world. Our CDN basically contains copies of video or web assets and data, placed at various points (or POPs) in a network so as to maximize streaming video efficiency. Our business video hosting service replicates your content across our peering partners, AT&T, COGENT, Deutsche Telekom AG, VERIZON, LEVEL3, ASCOM, and others, throughout the network.

The operation of a CDN is reliant on a number of processes and functions that can be categorized as:

  • Hosting/Storage – Video Asset Management of content and publishing and cache management
  • Caching – replication and content availability within the CDN
  • Delivery – physical delivery of content to subscriber devices over the internet at large
  • Management and control – management, monitoring and control of the CDN

We have peering agreements with IxP tier 1 data center facilities in the following cities:

  • North America: Los Angeles (2), San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn and New York
  • Europe: London (2), Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Vienna
  • Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore
  • Australia: Sydney ( adding Melbourne streaming hosting in 2014 ! )
  • South America: Argentina (1) + Brazil (1) + Coming soon Columbia