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Set up for Success: Top 5 Video Marketing Questions

December 11, 2014 10:12 pm


Video marketing’s wide adoption has transitioned it from an innovative marketing tactic to a standard and essential part of the marketing mix that many companies now need to refine. Whether you’ve been using video for a long time, are a newcomer, or need help on where to start, you need to make sure you’re set up so you’re getting the most out of your video content.

Top Three Trends from IBC

October 7, 2014 8:02 am


The international Broadcasting Convention (IBC) finished up last month, attracting a record crowd of over 55,000 attendees to Amsterdam. This renowned event allows attendees from all over the world to learn about developments that are shaping the industry, interact with the latest technology, and experience world-first product demonstrations.

Brightcove was again at IBC in force with team members attending from across the globe. This year we had some exciting news to unveil with the launch of our new player, which will form the basis of all of our player experiences going forward, and also launched Perform, a stand-alone player service that is built around that industry leading player. We were also able to get updated on the state of the market of the dynamic broadcast and digital media industries.

After collectively reflecting on the event, we compiled the team’s perspective on the top three emerging trends coming out of IBC:

Ecosystem Convergence
The inevitable convergence of conventional broadcast and digital video is accelerating, with media companies across the world evaluating how to address the changing nature of content workflows, programming strategy, advertising, organizational models, technical infrastructure, and much much more. While the shift to a digital-centric paradigm has been forecasted for some time, 2014 seems to be the year that the broader industry has really embraced the coming reality. While the transition is underway, there are still a large number of media customers — across broadcasters, operators, publishers and media conglomerates — that are just now getting serious about significant digital investments, recognizing the risk of being left behind.

The Need for Simplification
Media executives and their organizations are feeling the pain of complexity as they wrestle with operating, maintaining, supporting, and updating multiple digital video implementations that have been developed disparately over time for consumer experiences across a range of platforms and devices. For providers of premium video, creating a beautiful, seamless experience that replicates or exceeds the expectations consumers have for linear broadcast adds even more complexity. Broadcasters and publishers want and need simplicity in order to be successful in a world where device proliferation, platform fragmentation and audience expectations remain dynamic variables.

Multi-Screen is Now the Norm
Multi-screen and multi-platform are now the messages spoken by all product and service providers — across both digital and broadcast companies. While it seems that everyone is now speaking the same language, the reality is that the varying requirements from media companies means that the words mean different things to different people. Providing the best content experience to consumer audiences on every screen — from TVs and desktops to smartphones and tablets, and game consoles and set-top boxes — while driving profitable revenue growth is of paramount importance to every media organization today. But, for each of them the questions of streaming formats, unified workflows, asset management, optimized advertising, managing content rights, seamless playback, and many other requirements creates a dizzying array of capabilities necessary for multi-screen success.

For Brightcove, the evolution of our products and services over the last two years has been driven by the understanding that our media customers need to deliver beautiful video experiences to audiences on every screen, enabled by technology solutions that are powerful, elegant and flexible. Click here for more information on our services.

New Whitepaper: Strategies for Multi-Screen Video Ad Serving

September 25, 2014 2:06 pm


Selecting a video ad serving approach is one of the most important decisions made by a digital video company. An ad serving solution has a significant impact on a company’s ability to maximize video ad revenue while minimizing weekly operational overhead. As more devices have emerged and evolved and complexities have increased, new factors for consideration have surfaced. Companies are no longer constrained by traditional options for ad insertion and now have the ability to utilize a hybrid approach.

Our new whitepaper, Strategies for Multi-Screen Video Ad Serving, provides a comprehensive guide on the important aspects that make up video advertising, such as ad serving requirements, and also details the various solutions including:

  • Client-side ad serving: the most common architecture that has evolved from ad delivery to desktop devices
  • Cloud-based ad serving: a more recent innovation that addresses many client-side platform fragmentation challenges
  • Hybrid ad serving: a new, next generation solution that unifies the advantages of client- and cloud-based ad serving solutions

This whitepaper outlines the many advantages of adopting a hybrid ad serving approach, which include the ability to balance incremental deployment efforts and costs with accrued benefits.

To learn more about ad serving solutions and the benefits of a hybrid approach, download our whitepaper.


September 23, 2014 7:08 am


This guest blog was provided by Mikael Hellman, Visual Communication Manager at the City of Malmö, Sweden.

Like most communities world-wide, it’s vitally important for municipalities to communicate with citizens and employees. As the Visual Communication Manager for the City of Malmö in Sweden, a large part of my work is to ensure that communication happens through online video. All citizens have the right to know what is going on in the city and all employees should have the right information to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. Video is key in this process and supports The City of Malmö’s goal of open and transparent communication.

In Sweden, a large part of the population uses the internet and around 90% have access to broadband. According to ”The Swedes and the Internet,” an annual Swedish publication, around 84% of Internet users aged 12-20 years , 78% aged 21-35 years, and 46% aged 36-65 years old watch online video content.

As a tool for communication, video is becoming more and more important. Today users expect video content across all branded websites; whether organisations are operating in the private or public sector. We already know that video can be used to improve marketing efforts for consumer brands – there is plenty of documentation to support this – but video can also be used to support the communication efforts of major public sector organizations or cities.

Video speaks to society
Malmö has gone from being an industrial city to a young, modern city of knowledge. Today, Malmö stands as Sweden’s third largest city with a population of around 310,000. In 2013 Malmö was ranked the fourth most innovative city on the planet by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, with 6.85 patent applications made per ten thousand people. As a municipality, Malmö is responsible for a large part of public sector services, and for us, the most important task is to ensure preschools, schools, social services, and vulnerable citizens are easily able to access all the information they need about the city.

Across all these stakeholder groups, video has helped us clarify the services we offer, what projects we are working on, and how they are progressing. Video now sits at the forefront of our new transparent approach to communication with citizens of Malmö. To maximise the impact of our video content, we operate two separate video archives, one for internal content and another for external. By ensuring that we tailor content dependent on the audience, The City of Malmö is at the forefront for utilising video platforms for both corporate communications and citizen and tourist information.

Building consistent communication with video
All 22,000 employees of the City of Malmö’s organisation need to have access to consistent information to do their jobs effectively. Working with Brightcove we now use video content to inform and communicate with employees across the entire organisation. The internal Malmö network now has access to videos that describe the various active projects as well as inform staff of the latest business updates from the organisation.

All seventeen of our departments can now produce and control their internal videos in a way that they previously couldn’t – whether a newsletter from managers, management information, training videos, or video seminars. Our experience has shown that by using video content across the organisation, we have improved the consistency of our message and fostered greater understanding amongst staff.

Building a showreel
To showcase all of our video content, we created a video archive that is a mosaic of different kinds of videos with different qualities, lengths and content. A big part of the positive outcome of the mosaic is that we have created a video-friendly climate and our communication officers now want to communicate through video.

Video is an extremely effective tool in driving awareness and revenue, so it made sense for us to use that power in our external and internal communications. The most important thing to us is that we provide videos that create added value for our citizens and videos that help us as employees in our daily work.

Evolving the video collection
Over the years, we have learnt by doing and, as our video presence has increased gradually, we have become better at making the right videos and not just using video for the sake of it. In fact, since 2009 we have added more than 1,100 videos to our video archive.

As a city we have many areas where we can utilise video, for instance; democracy issues, labour market, employer branding, economy, eGovernment, healthcare, integration, equalities, culture, environment, political governance, city planning, schools, social care, care for the elderly and much more. By taking the success we’ve already seen and continuing to implement videos in these areas, video will continue to be a powerful partner for Malmö now and in years to come.

Recording our success
Based on our successful implementation of video archives and increasing the amount of video content we create, we’ve learnt so much about the value of the medium for communicating both internally and externally. The most important lesson learnt is that if you give people video, they will watch it!

The end-goal is not to accumulate the most views, but to have the content seen by the people who need it. If we have 10 managers that need to watch a particular video, we can send it to them and they will watch it. Video allows us to get specific messages heard by the right people.

Video: a shareable tool in the public sector
In contemporary society, with an increasing amount of media consumed via online platforms, video represents a familiar tool which is also inherently shareable. This allows us to draw a significant return on investment as we can simply update videos with new information accordingly, rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ with new communication. We are also able to directly measure the impact of a video with analytical tools, this informs us of how well content is resonating with its target audience.

Based on the city of Malmö’s experience, I strongly recommend the use of video for communications to other public offices. We actively encourage our employees to get involved in the video process and make it a part of their day-to-day communication. We’re constantly taking on board the feedback we receive – from our employees and external stakeholders – to ensure that the videos we create add value to our core audience.

For more information on how to leverage video to make a positive impact in your community, visit Brightcove’s website or contact us.

5 Moments of Inspiration at CM World 2014

September 18, 2014 7:16 am


There was something incredibly special about this year’s Content Marketing World event. It wasn’t just having 2,600 passionate marketers,100 thought leader speakers, and over 150 leading technology vendors all in one place. All of those things were exceptional, but it was much more. So with that as the backdrop, I’ll share my 5 Moments of Inspiration from CM World 2014. Watch our highlight video below for more:

  1. A shifting viewpoint – CMWorld 2014 was a tipping point for marketing professionals where the conversations shifted from “if” to “how.” As marketers. we’re no longer asking if content marketing should be part of our plan, we’re now asking how we re-engineer marketing to be content-centric.
  2. The funnel is dead – much has been written about this topic lately but nothing was more illustrative than Andrew Davis’ keynote presentation. The fundamental takeaway for marketers is that in the age of customer driven / search driven content consumption, nicely organized models of sequential buying patterns tend to disappear.
  3. Paid is not dead – one of the hot topics we covered in the thought leadership panel I moderated was how marketers are using paid media to promote and distribute content. The key takeaway is thinking about a “converged” paid, earned, and owned strategy and leveraging paid for exposure and reach.
  4. Get organized – a central topic at the conference was how marketers are struggling with organizing their content marketing strategy. From integrated campaigns to complex, persona-based planning, Joe Pulizzi had a lot to say about this topic. Interested in learning more? Sign up for our Live Stream with Joe on October 7.
  5. MOI = ROI – Andrew Davis nailed this topic in his keynote when he challenged the audience to create “Moments of Inspiration,” or MOI, and then went on to say how those moments of inspiration were really those critical touch points that create the content marketing ROI. On a related note, during my presentation, we showcased some amazing customer examples and how they are using video as the cornerstone of their content marketing strategy.

If you missed the conference or you’re interested in learning more, we interviewed over 40 of the top presenters at the event asking them, “What’s the hottest thing in content marketing today,” and packaged them up in our incredible new Brightcove Gallery product. Check out the gallery!

Digital Video’s Influence On Election Numbers

September 17, 2014 7:01 am


This blog was provided by Paul Neto, Director of Research at YuMe, Inc. YuMe, a leading provider of video brand advertising solutions, is one of Brightcove’s Technology Partners. YuMe’s proprietary data-science driven technologies and large audience footprint drive inventory monetization and enable advertisers to reach targeted, brand receptive audiences across a wide range of Internet-connected devices.

Viewing video content on a computer, tablet or smartphone has become a popular pastime for people all over the world – especially the US. With more screens flooding the marketplace, it’s important for politicians to take advantage of all the video advertising avenues available to them to target intended and potential voters during their political campaigns.

In order to determine current trends around voter viewing habits and media consumption, specifically related to political campaigns for this year’s upcoming mid-term election, YuMe polled 817 intended voters (36% democrat, 30% independent, 29% republican) from a nationally representative online panel. Results confirmed rampant multi-screen viewing trends, and gleaned insights into voter’s planned behavior for the upcoming mid-term election.

Key Takeaways:

  • More than 60% of voters state they are likely to use digital video for watching debates, speeches, and highlights from campaigns
    • Likely to watch online video of debates (66%), speeches (64%), highlights (66%)
  • Almost half (48%) agree that it is important to be able to follow election progress on multiple devices
  • 65% agree that being able to access candidate information on multiple devices helps them keep informed
  • 51% of voters agree that ads are an important information source about candidates
  • Streaming video has become an important source of information, with 44% likely to stream video on a connected device to keep up-to-date
  • 32% of voters will stream video from a computer/laptop, 15% on a smartphone, 16% on a tablet, 11% on a smartTV
  • 54% claim news websites as their main source of information about candidates and their campaigns
  • Ads continue to be an important source of information for voters (Television 45%, Online Ads 17%, Online Video 16%, Campaign supported online video 15%)
  • 49% of voters agree that politicians who use online media are more approachable
  • More than half (58%) agree that digital media has become a primary source of information about candidates
  • 63% agree that online video is an important strategy for political campaigns

These results show the value in leveraging digital media when building a successful political campaign, specifically around the growing importance of user-initiated pre-roll video and the benefit that comes from joining a candidate or advocacy group’s message and call to action with streaming video. Pre-roll video ads are one of the most effective types of advertising in the digital space, and can influence voter decisions, while raising both engagement and brand awareness for a specific candidate.

Clearly, digital video is important and influential in the political realm. Politicians are hungry for data around media consumption for their campaigns, striving to understand how to best target their audience- intended voters. As voters continue to source information from multiple screens, it will be crucial for politicians to adapt their campaigns across the digital world.

To view the infographic and read the full report, please visit:

New Research Proves Customers Rank Video as Trusted and Most Personable Brand Marketing Experience

September 11, 2014 2:12 pm


We have been long-time believers in the power of video, and as consumers become more and more tech savvy, it’s increasingly important for marketers to understand the influence of video in the marketing mix. To better illustrate how consumers feel about video, we embarked on a research study that questioned 2,000 consumers globally.

The research showed that a better video experience leads to more action, higher loyalty, and more social sharing. Not only do 79% of consumers favor digital content over traditional, but more than one in ten (12%) prefer to consume content from brands on their smartphone, tablet or mobile application. Almost a quarter (24%) of the consumers surveyed said video is their ‘most trusted’ source of brand content. Explaining their choice, 44% said video was more ‘appealing’ to them, while engaging (28%), authentic (29%) and sharable (10%) were also cited as reasons for trusting video content over other forms of brand communication.

The power of better video
In addition, over a third of consumers (35%) cited brand video content as more memorable if it is of high quality. The research found that when consumers had a good video experience:

  • Almost four in ten (39%) were more likely to research the brand or product further
  • A similar amount (36%) were more likely to tell friends and family about the brand
  • Three in ten (30%) said they were more likely to become brand loyal
  • Just under a fifth (19%) said they were more likely to share content from that brand on social media

But there’s still work to do
When asked how their branded video experience could be improved, three of the top four consumer responses related to video delivery – better quality streaming (32%), faster launch times (31%) and less buffering (30%) — showcasing that consumers are really now focused on the experience that is being delivered to them, end-to-end.

It’s clear video creates an opportunity for engagement and should be viewed as an integral part of a marketing strategy and not just an add-on. By delivering a high quality, relevant and engaging video experience to end users, marketers can benefit from increased loyalty, higher brand engagement, more content sharing, and higher referral rates.

Brightcove Launches Perform to Redefine Video Playback

September 11, 2014 3:36 am


Today at the annual IBC conference, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest product, Perform, a high performance service for creating and managing video player experiences that redefines video playback across devices. A groundbreaking innovation, Perform enables video publishers to improve their speed to market and create high-quality, immersive video experiences across devices.

Perform powers cross-platform video playback with a full set of management APIs, the fastest performance optimization services, and the leading HTML5-first Brightcove Player. It supports HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video playback across devices, along with analytics integrations, content protection, and both server-side and client-side ad insertion. Additionally, Perform’s plugin architecture allows for control and management of playback features in a discrete and extensible manner.

Loading up to 70% faster than competitive players, including YouTube’s, the underlying Brightcove video player in Perform is the fastest loading player on the market today, according to head-to-head comparisons. The player supports HLS across all major mobile and desktop platforms for simplified workflows and uniform, high quality, cross-platform user experiences. The new Brightcove video player will also be available soon as part of Brightcove’s flagship Video Cloud online video platform.

Developer-friendly and built for the future, Perform is designed to serve the needs of the world’s leading video publishers by plugging into bespoke workflows and working seamlessly with other modular services from Brightcove, such as the Zencoder cloud transcoding and Once server-side ad insertion platforms. Additionally, Perform integrates with the Brightcove Once UX product to provide a powerful hybrid ad solution that combines the advantages of a comprehensive server-side solution with a rich client-side user experience. Utilizing the two products in conjunction enables publishers to optimize monetization of ad-supported video and generate more views and more ad completions while avoiding the challenge posed by the growing popularity of ad blockers.

As the first truly enterprise-grade player available as a standalone service, Perform is a powerful addition to the Brightcove family of products and a key driver in our ongoing mission to revolutionize the way video is experienced on every screen. Visit the website for more information!

Yahoo7 Delivers Catch-up TV on Xbox One

September 10, 2014 6:41 am


Game consoles aren’t just for gaming anymore. In fact, game consoles have seen tremendous growth and consumer adoption for streaming video over the years. According to Business Insider, streaming-capable video game consoles account for 54% of the global installed base of TV streaming devices worldwide. Internet-connected smart TVs (with a 38% share), and dedicated streaming devices (like Apple TV and Roku, with an 8% share) are still in the minority.

This opens up monetisation opportunities outside of desktop and laptop environments for media companies. Particularly with the growing amount of content choice on the Xbox platform, as well as the growing number of devices in market – with over 80 million Xbox owners around the world Xbox is a platform that media brands can’t afford to ignore.

It is only fitting that Yahoo7, a Brightcove customer and one of the most comprehensive and engaging online destinations for Australian consumers and advertisers, has made their PLUS7 catch-up TV service available as a dedicated application on Xbox One now. Xbox One owners using PLUS7 will be able to access their favourite Channel 7 programs like X-Factor, My Kitchen Rules and Home & Away via the console.

Yahoo7 already leverages Brightcove Video Cloud to power its catch-up product PLUS7 service to deliver high-quality video on demand content to audiences across desktop, mobile and tablets (iOS and Android). By adding the Xbox One app Yahoo7 is now able to reach a new audience.

With the Video Cloud studio grade DRM solutions, Yahoo7 can ensure delivery of premium video content across devices including Xbox One while preventing unauthorized access and distribution.

Thanks to Brightcove’s support of Microsoft PlayReady, Yahoo7 has been able to deliver the PLUS7 service to the Xbox community in Australia.

A Day From PLAY: Beyond Content Generation to Content Delivery

September 8, 2014 11:28 am


Content is king, but where would the king be if he couldn’t reach his royal subjects? We’ve all been exposed to the importance of content in today’s world, but as this trend evolves and content becomes more refined, content delivery systems need to keep pace. Creating great content is only the first step; if your content isn’t being delivered effectively, then your message is falling on deaf ears.

Distributing, tracking, and monetizing content are all aspects publishers and advertisers also need to address. From this comes the increasingly important need for turnkey solutions. Jaakko Is-Jarvenpaa, Head of Business Development at Kiosked, shares his thoughts on what delivery systems should focus on:

Content Marketing World – See You There!

September 5, 2014 8:39 am


It’s that exciting time of year when thousands of marketers from around the world make their annual migration to Cleveland, Ohio for Content Marketing World. The single largest (and fastest growing) content marketing event on the planet with some of the most prestigious, thought leaders in the world of marketing.

Just glancing at the list of some of the companies speaking at the event, it reminds me of what a privilege it is to see so many of our customers represented from great brands like EMC, Ford and Motorola, just to name a few. It’s simply impressive.

As exciting as this event will be (and it will be inspiring), it represents a larger, unmistakable disruption going on in the marketplace; the explosion of content marketing. As we’ve said for a long time, every company is a publisher and this reality is changing everything about how we think about the role of marketing. Consider these three dramatic changes we are seeing:

First, this focus on content marketing has raised the bar for marketers to truly understand their audiences and provide meaningful, insightful content. Some may argue that this was always the case, but in the age where most of the buying experience was driven by stores and salespeople, great content was a condiment, a nice to have, and marketers could always rely on great sales skills and promotions to win the day.

Second, the growth of content marketing has led to a distinct focus on the buyer journey. The need to deliver the great content, at the right place and the right time (see our recent post on this subject) has forced marketers to walk in the shoes of their customers to truly understand not only what challenges they have, but what their decision process is like, who the stakeholders are, and what questions they have as they move through the purchase journey.

Third, the growth of content marketing is transforming the tools and teams for every marketing organization. From one of the earlier Content Marketing Institute research reports, it was clear that video was one of the hottest growth points for content marketing. This is no surprise for us as we’ve seen survey after survey confirm that video is the highest converting and most engaging form of content marketing.

If you are unable to make the conference, we’re doing a live stream event with Content Marketing Institute founder, Joe Pulizzi, on October 7 where we’ll continue the great conversation on content marketing. Sign up here.

See you in Cleveland!

Brightcove Takes On Hyperlapse

September 3, 2014 8:44 am


Excitement was abound across the Brightcove offices last week for the release of Instagram’s new app, Hyperlapse. It’s no surprise that video is close to all of our hearts, but CEO David Mendels made it that much more exciting by adding in an element of friendly competition.

By combining our love of video with our love of Brightcove’s culture, the mission was settled: whoever created the coolest Hyperlapse video that showcased Brightcove’s offices, culture, and spirit would be deemed winner and, along with the glory and bragging rights, would be the new owner of an xBox One. A time limit of 24 hours created some fierce competition, but a single winner emerged.

Director of Operations, Aaron Jeskey, prevailed with the winning video that included an inside look at our Boston office, some slip-and-slide action, and the hidden snacks in the freezer. What do you think?

If you like cake, unicorns, ping pong, elevators, or jousting, you might like this selection of contending videos:

Think you could fit in with us at Brightcove? We’re always looking for game changers to join our winning team. Check out our current openings.

Video Case Study: How Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Relies On Video to Bring Personal Training Online

September 2, 2014 6:52 am


We are excited to launch our newest case study with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT).

12WBT is a unique online 12-week exercise, nutrition and mindset program created by leading Australian personal trainer Michelle Bridges. Since its beginning in 2010, 12WBT has become a household name across Australia as the online portal for exercise and nutrition programs.

From the outset, it was evident that online video was a key medium that would underpin 12WBT, enabling participants to undertake the program regardless of their location or device. The video strategy was simple — create great content focused on the three pillars of the program: exercise, nutrition and mindset.

However, with round-to-round signups increasing by 5000% since 2010, the success of the program started to cause a few headaches for the team from a technical point of view. Looking for a video solution that would let them focus on the content, rather than worrying about the technology, 12WBT turned to Brightcove.

Using Brightcove Video Cloud, 12WBT was able to maximise its reach to both existing and potential community members. The Video Cloud Smart Player let the brand deliver a consistent, high quality viewing experience for all videos — workout videos, explainer videos, and mindset ‘chats’ with Mish — to audiences across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Video Cloud’s social media sharing feature also helped to build the unique 12WBT community through social channels such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as on the site. The online video experience powered by Brightcove for 12WBT raised awareness of the brand, engaged new users, and reduced the workflow for the business, but also allowed Michelle to offer inspiration and support to members previously only achieved during in-person training sessions.

To find out more about how 12WBT successfully delivers and monetises video to audiences across multiple devices, watch the video below and download the complete case study here.

Conversion is King

August 29, 2014 3:06 pm


According to research from our friends at ExactTarget, driving increased conversion rates is the single highest priority for digital marketers today. How did “conversion” displace some of the big marketing challenges like branding, big data, social and mobile? Two reasons:

First, as more and more of the buyer journey takes place through digital channels, the responsibility for “conversion” has shifted to marketing.

Second, marketers today have to be keenly aware of every stage of the buyer journey and every incremental “conversion point” along the way. Although there is much debate in marketing circles about “the death of the funnel,” there is no doubt that each opportunity you engage with your audience is a moment of truth that involves conversion. In other words, the definition of “conversion” has significantly expanded to encompass all the small decisions a buyer might make when evaluating a product or service. Should I download this paper, attend this webinar, watch this video?

Earlier this month, we released a great new infographic focused on conversion (check it out here). One of my favorite sections of the infographic is where we look at different types of conversion and overlay some compelling stats about the power of video.

The great story here is that for each stage of a buyer journey, and for each interaction type, the data shows that marketer’s can improve their results by adding video too the mix. Not just small, incremental results but the kind of results that trigger cartwheels in the office and high-fives across the cube walls. More views, more email opens, more landing page clicks, and more leads.

As most marketers who have become part-time funnel mathemeticians can tell, conversion changes in one part of the funnel can have a massive impact on the overall buyer journey.

Consider this simple example: a B2B marketer spends $100k on a paid search campaign that resulted in 50,000 clicks and 1000 leads. Based on the most recent research, that same campaign with video on the landing page would have driven 1,800 leads for the same investment.

For marketers, the story is clear. Conversion matters not only because it represents moving prospects closer to a buying decision, but because it represents the quality of offers and content you deliver.

IBC is Upon us Once Again!

August 28, 2014 11:09 am


It’s back to Amsterdam to join the who’s who of the global media and broadcast industry at the annual IBC Show, which takes place from the 12th to 16th of September at the RAI conference centre. We’re looking forward to the show and we hope to see you all there! If you’re interested in setting up a meeting with any of the Brightcove team, please send an email to

This year we will have the largest crew yet of Brightcove technical experts and thought leaders on-hand at our booth located in Hall 5; Stand 5.B20. Make sure you stop by! You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Brightcove’s technology, see our solutions in action at our demo pods, and view live presentations from staff and partners on many of the industry’s most pressing topics.

In addition to our live booth presentations, Brightcove’s CTO of Media, Albert Lai will give a presentation on Device Fragmentation and Delivery in the Multi-Platform World at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday as part of the Content Everywhere and Sport track; this is taking place in the Content Everywhere Hub in Hall 14. Albert will also be a panellist the Sporting Content Everywhere discussion, which will look at how this summer’s major sporting events have moved Content Everywhere forward for broadcasters and audiences.

IBC is alway filled with a lot of exciting activities so we hope you’ll join us for a drink reception at our booth on Monday, 15th September between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. You’ll be able wind down after a long few days at the show and network with Brightcove staff, peers, and partners. We hope you can join us!

See you in Amsterdam!

A Day From PLAY: Developing a Video Distribution Strategy with Monetization

August 27, 2014 12:59 pm


The first step in developing a robust video marketing strategy is getting video content up and accessible to potential viewers. Many companies turn to free platforms, such as YouTube. However, there are huge opportunities missed when this is the only platform you utilize; there is actually a high cost to free.

Although YouTube may seem like the easiest approach, it is wiser to develop a strategy that keeps visitors on your page and allows your to more effectively take advantage of your video content. VP of Strategy and Business Development at CNBC Africa, Sid Wahi, experienced this firsthand. In the video below he further explains CNBC’s experience and how utilizing a video distribution strategy allowed them to successfully monetize their video content.

[VIDEO] ExactTarget Doubles Time on Site with the Help of Brightcove

August 25, 2014 10:52 am


By the close of 2014, 194.5 million people in the U.S. will have watched digital video at least monthly — that’s nearly half of the overall U.S. population. With numbers like that, it’s pretty hard to ignore the growing trends in video content.

That’s why Brightcove customers like ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, a global digital marketing leader, are taking advantage of the most advanced features for publishing and distributing video content to audiences on every screen.

Knowing that high-quality video experiences are powerful tools in driving customer engagement, ExactTarget tapped Brightcove to create a new video portal for their website. The goal for the ExactTarget portal was to create a beautiful site that also provides a great customer experience with easy-to-find videos — through the portal, customers can browse multiple videos at their choosing with ease. The site also helps drive the ExactTarget story by encouraging visitors to learn more about the company’s products through video.

Their fully branded, customized video portal works across desktops, smartphones, and tablets with built-in social sharing features to encourage community-building and engagement. And ExactTarget has already seen incredible results; the marketing company increased time-on-site by more than 100 percent, saw a 12 percent reduction in bounce rate, and a material increase in new sales leads.

For more information on how Brightcove helped ExactTarget redefine video marketing, watch the video below and download the free case study.