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Timex built a smartwatch that doesn’t need your phone

August 6, 2014 1:44 am


So far, smartwatches have existed fundamentally as extensions of your phone — their primary value is in alleviating the need to pull your phone out of your pocket every time anything happens. But Timex’s new IronMan One GPS+ is designed to let you forget your phone at home: with a 3G radio inside and a number of built-in communication tools, it’s a fully independent device.

The $399.95 One GPS+ looks a lot like Timex just strapped a chunky, ugly computer on your wrist. It has an always-on Mirasol display just like the Qualcomm Toq, and an icon-based homescreen. Timex says it’s every bit as rugged and water-resistant (up to 50m) as its other IronMan models. In every other way, though, it’s nothing like anything Timex has done before. It…