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Make your aging air conditioner cool again with this pile of sensors

October 7, 2014 9:27 am


Many folks who reside in South East Asia will agree that during the summer, air conditioners can be temperamental at times — your room’s either too cold or not cold enough. As a result, users — including this author in Hong Kong — end up having to pick up the remote control every now and then to adjust the temperature. This is exactly what Hong Kong’s Ambi Labs is trying to solve: This startup has just launched its Ambi Climate device on Kickstarter, and the idea here is that you’re adding a small hub that uses local weather data plus sunlight, air flow, temperature, humidity and movement detection, in order to adjust the air conditioner accordingly with its infrared transmitter (Ambi Labs says it can quickly add your remote to the database if it’s missing). With the room temperature staying more consistent, you’re saving both energy and the hassle of finding the remote. %Gallery-slideshow230935%

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Bare metal goes global in London, Hong Kong

August 6, 2014 10:36 am

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Bare metal remains to go-to choice for companies running data-intensive applications, such as big data and analytics solutions, online gaming and mobile advertising platforms. As businesses scale their operations worldwide, the need for global availability of these applications has increased. To meet this demand, Internap’s bare metal offering is now available in our London and Hong Kong data centers.

Big data and latency-sensitive applications run better on bare metal than in traditional virtual cloud environments, as demonstrated by our customers and the latest Cloud Spectator benchmarking report. In addition to significant cost savings, the findings also show the benefits of running big data workloads on high-performance NoSQL databases such as Aerospike and Internap’s bare-metal servers. As the need for powerful, transaction-intensive applications becomes an integral part of business strategy, a high-performance infrastructure that includes bare metal can enable optimal performance.

Here are some recent articles highlighting the expanded availability of bare metal in Europe and Asia, as well as the benefits of incorporating bare metal into your hosting environment.

EnterpriseTech: Big Data Prefers Bare Metal

Recent benchmark tests by Cloud Spectator compare bare metal servers with similar high-performance virtual public cloud configurations. The findings reveal lower latency, higher throughput and more cost-efficiency, particularly for “fast big data” workloads running Aerospike’s in-memory NoSQL database on bare metal servers. The test results speak for themselves – check out the full report here.

Cloud of Data (blog): Internap joins Jungle Book song chorus

Many companies claim to offer bare metal solutions, but few are considered to be true contenders in this sector. However, according to Paul Miller’s article, bare metal may be a “bare necessity” for today’s cloud providers. Bare metal reminds us that “the ‘traditional’ virtual machine isn’t the only way to run a data centre”.

Data Center Knowledge: Internap Expands Bare-Metal Cloud Servers to London, Hong Kong Data Centers

With bare metal now available in London and Hong Kong, Internap has addressed the increased demand for globally distributed data-intensive applications. Global locations also include Amsterdam, Singapore, Dallas, New York and Santa Clara. The bare metal offering is backed by Internap’s patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) technology, which continuously monitors Internet performance and routes traffic along the best available path.

Download the Cloud Spectator Benchmarking Report to learn more about the benefits of running big data workloads on bare-metal servers.

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