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Taking Apple Pay for a spin: Hands-on with Apple’s mobile payment service

September 9, 2014 5:49 pm


Rumors of Apple working on a wireless payment service have been droning on for years, so when the company introduced a mobile wallet-like feature called Passbook more than two years ago, it seemed at the time that such a service was inevitable in the very near future — perhaps the iPhone 5 would have it? It took a while, but come October Apple will be ready to utilize the Near-Field Communications chip built inside the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. The service, simply known as Apple Pay, wants to do exactly what every other payment service on the planet wants to do: Make it possible for you to ditch your wallet (aside from Driver’s Licenses and other forms of ID).

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Upgrading To iPhone 6? Setting Up Your Rackspace Email Is A Snap.

September 9, 2014 11:21 am


The much-anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are here! The larger display sizes, better resolution, improved camera and video capture and new features such as Touch ID, Wi-Fi calling, Apple Pay and several more look pretty enticing (As does Apple Watch!). If you’re upgrading to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can setup your Rackspace Hosted Exchange email in less than two minutes and in only a few clicks – and you don’t need to know any arbitrary passwords or server names. This is extremely helpful if you’re an admin of remote employees!

Here’s a brief look on how it’s done. You can check out more about iPhone integration with Rackspace Hosted Exchange here.


Bot Protection: How To Stop Web Bots In Their Tracks

September 3, 2014 12:00 pm


By Charlie Minesinger, Director of Sales, Distil Networks

After learning about the dangers of web bots and how they can hurt your website, your sales and your business as a whole, you’ll likely want to take every precaution possible to prevent an attack and remove bot traffic from your website. There are some steps you can take on your own like implementing CAPTCHAs on forms or blocking IP addresses, but you do not want to ruin the user experience and possibly block IP addresses of major consumer ISPs.

How to Choose a Bot Protection Solution

In order to ensure your site and business has the best protections available, it’s important to choose a solution that does not rely on IP addresses alone; provides real-time detection and mitigation (without adding even 10 milliseconds of latency); offers very high accuracy (at or above 99 percent); and learns and improves, constantly.

So, when evaluating bot protection solutions, you’ll want to look for these items:

  • Multiple detection technologies – A truly comprehensive bot prevention tool won’t just offer one or two layers of protection for your site, but will employ a wide range of technologies – javascripts, statistical methods, artificial intelligence (or support vector machine), user-agent validation, rate limits based on Unique ID, geographic analysis, and a network learning capability.
  • Constantly improving – The key to a great bot protection solution relies on R&D and network learning processes. Maintaining a shared database with a Unique ID for each bot, so bots can be detected immediately before any bot activity reaches your webservers. The best bot protection solutions are also constantly evolving and investing in R&D to maintain an edge in the “arms race” of website security.
  • Ability to target all kinds of bots – If you really want to protect your website, then you’ll need a solution that targets not just one type of bot, but all of them. An effective bot protection tool should protect against content theft and duplication, click fraud, traffic fraud, comment spam, server slowdowns, and any other attacks a bot could deliver.

You can find efficient, comprehensive solutions for blocking bots and protecting your website with Distil Networks. Distil’s protection service eliminates content theft, stops fraud bots, and alerts you to any and all potential bot attacks; in fact, Distil identifies 99.9 percent of bot page requests in real time. To learn more about Distil Networks, visit or contact the Distil team today.