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15 Reasons Why Professional Marketing Videos Fail

November 30, 2015 1:59 am


Professional Marketing Videos and the reasons they fail us as the producers.   Videos can fail for 1 big reason, but more often than not we see a...

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Streaming Video Services are Taking On Cable

December 7, 2014 11:44 pm


  The numbers are in from Nielsen’s third-quarter 2014 Total Audience Report and it appears that video audiences are increasingly opting for streaming services over traditional TV. According...

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Aereo Files for Ch. 11 ending its war with the media elite

November 24, 2014 10:55 am


Alas, poor Aereo, I knew it well. The streaming startup that disrupted the media landscape before being shut down by the Supreme Court — and possibly even prompting...

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4 Reasons to Invest in Live Video Streaming

November 13, 2014 5:28 am

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Although in its infancy, the use of live video is a trend that will continue to grow. Over the past few years, more and more brands have embraced...

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Live Webcasting and the potential of live broadcasts online

October 10, 2014 8:06 am


Image: All over the country, music-lovers this summer were pulling on their wellies and heading out into the open air to relish one of the joys of the...

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October 1, 2014 11:44 am

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Move over, Millennials. There are new kids on the block: Generation Z. Sylvan Lane at Mashable gave a nice overview of this up-and-coming market segment, and one thing stood out: “Connect viewers with collaboration and live-streaming technology.” Gen Z is … Continued

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Sharing Hope Through Live Streaming Video

September 26, 2014 4:19 pm


Sure, we’ve all heard the bad news about climate change: it’s here, it’s huge, it’s devastating, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Ever wonder whether there’s any good news around this global phenomenon? Well, there is. On September 16–17, 2014, the Climate Reality Project broadcasted live streaming video on Ustream for 24 hours straight, sharing … Continue reading ?

Manual app brings DSLR-like control to your iPhone snapshots

September 24, 2014 12:08 pm


Thanks to the expanded third-party integration in iOS 8, app developers are able to take advantage of things like extensions for that Photos library. It also allows access to the iPhone’s camera settings, and a new piece of software offers another option for sorting just that. Manual, a $1.99 add-on for Apple’s handsets, allows you to tweak variables in a similar fashion to how you would with a DSLR. There are options for controlling shutter, ISO, white balance, focus and exposure bracketing. On top of all that, a rule of thirds grid keeps compositions in order, a live monitor eyes exposure and a fill flash mode tackles lighting woes. All of that may sound complicated, but the interface is quite simple, so you should be easily making your tweaks in no time — as long as you have the latest version of iOS, of course. Other apps, like Camera+, tackle manual controls too, so you’ll be able to take your pick when it comes to fine-tuning those photos.

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Our Strongest Lineup Yet: Digital Entertainment at Akamai Edge 2014

September 23, 2014 8:45 am


We are so excited about Akamai Edge this year that we simply can’t wait to share some details.

The 2014 Digital Entertainment lineup at Akamai Edge boasts world-class speakers ready to share their knowledge and expertise starting Wednesday October 8. The program will cover live events, monetization, devices and much more.
Here is a preview of the confirmed lineup for the Media & Entertainment track:

Keynote: Delivering the World Cup – FIFA called it “the biggest multimedia sporting event in history.” Hear Alexander Leschinsky, co-founder, managing director at G&L, talk about the services used for video delivery, live encoding architecture, device distribution, traffic patterns and peak usage challenges.

Panel Discussion: The Return on Quality in Video – Delivering content at the highest possible quality comes with a cost – so what’s the return? This panel will feature leading media companies sharing their strategies to ensure the video they deliver looks its best across devices and networks, how they measure quality and its impact, and how to optimize the viewing experience to the benefit of their bottom line.

Keynote: Keeping the Internet from breaking – BBC’s Neil Drennan takes a look at the explosive growth of video on the internet and what it means for ISPs, CDNs and content providers. While reviewing the current evolution in technology to support video growth he asks the question: Are the planned changes enough and what else can we do as technologists/content providers to improve user experience?

Panel Discussion: Taking Advantage of New Opportunities in Video Monetization – Join a select group of experts who will examine current monetization methods such as subscriptions and advertising, identify the challenges that these models present, and explore new and innovative strategies that may emerge as consumption of online content continues its exponential growth.

Keynote: Designing a Next-Gen Live Streaming Platform – Mike Sepso, co-founder and president of Major League Gaming (MLG), will discuss the creation of, the next-gen live streaming platform reaching a hyper-engaged audience of millions in 170 countries. Join him to learn how MLG has been able to scale throughput/consumption by 1,700% over the first six months and make them the industry leader in their space.

In addition to those you can join the Digital Entertainment track to hear a discussion around devices, a session on the evolution of video workflows, and an in-depth look at MPEG-DASH, plus a couple of technical sessions and even a Media-focused luncheon. Look for descriptions in the mobile app.

We look forward to seeing you in Miami!

Is 4K Video Ready For Prime Time?

September 22, 2014 12:30 pm


Marketers and consumers of HD video are being inundated with waves of messaging telling them to trade in their outdated HD video streaming equipment for the latest in 4K Ultra HD (UHD) technology.
This newer technology boasts four times the resolution of current HD along with eye-popping clarity and unmatched color richness. Still, while the promises of 4K technology sound great, there are a
couple of good reasons most marketers — especially those interested in live video/streaming media — should avoid making 4K investments anytime soon.

Kaltura Wins Best TV Everywhere Award at IBC 2014

September 13, 2014 7:11 am

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What a night in Amsterdam!

Kaltura is excited to announce that it won the award for Best TV Everywhere/Multi-Screen Video at IBC 2014! The Kaltura OTT TV team was acknowledged for the KabelKiosk white label IPTV offering (meinFernsehen), a sophisticated second screen deployment for Eutelsat – one of the leading satellite operators in the world. In this project, Kaltura OTT TV allows Eutelsat’s 300 affiliate companies to provide a second screen internet-based TV service to more than 3.5 million German households.

This award comes on the heels of the Tvinci acquisition in May 2014. Tvinci, a leading paid OTT TV company was acquired by Kaltura to create the most comprehensive end to end OTT TV solution. This is the second time that the Tvinci team has won the CSI awards at IBC and its a huge validation of our technology and the exceptional TV experience it offers to users.

The KabelKiosk projects brings to life the three pillars of Kaltura OTT TV:

1. Time-Shited TV – the ability to pause live shows and catch up on thousands of shows aired on Eutelsat’s linear channels.

2. Engagement Tools – users can create their personal profiles, allowing them to get a personalized social feed that includes updates on what their friends are watching, liking, sharing and commenting on. This is done by utilizing Kaltura’s household management capabilities that allow service providers and telcos to manage multiple user profiles within a single household.

3. Metadata Driven Discovery -our strong EPG management capabilities make a huge difference for service providers and telcos because all the linear TV shows are automatically indexed, which creates a massive VOD library based on live channels catch up. In addition, Kaltura’s powerful recommendation engine always suggests the most relevant content so users can rent or buy additional videos.

If you want to check out the KabelKiosk application in action and hear about OTT3, the next generation of the platform – please visit us at the Kaltura booth in IBC (Hall 3, Stand C67). Other than very cool demos, we also serve delicious coffee.

See you on the floor!

Swisscom selects Verimatrix security for TV 2.0 multiscreen offering

September 12, 2014 9:00 am

company logo

Verimatrix has announced that Swisscom has selected the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) to provide revenue security for its Swisscom TV 2.0 service, which offers live and seven-day replay services via an Android-powered set-top box.

‘Virtual Reality Camera System’ uses 6 Red Dragons to make 360-degree video magic

September 11, 2014 5:33 pm

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Oculus/Facebook, Samsung, Sony, Google. We’re about to be flooded with virtual reality hardware, but what about content? While John Carmack works on the gaming side, the folks at NextVR (formerly Next3D) have been developing camera rigs to record live video in full surround that will let VR units put you anywhere in the world you want to go, and here’s the latest one. Red Camera’s Jarred Land spilled the beans, posting pics of this “Virtual Reality Camera System” which links six of his company’s 6K Dragon cameras together in a rather monstrous-looking array. There should be demo footage on display at the IBC conference, but based on what we’ve seen from NextVR already, the potential is high. There aren’t any cameras pointing up (or down) but previous systems from NextVR have used fisheye lenses to expand their range, and we expect something similar would be in store for this. NextVR is providing video to go along with Samsung’s Gear VR headset when it launches and it’s working with Oculus too. Judging by this setup more video experiences — whether live streamed or recorded — will be coming to the VR space soon.%Gallery-slideshow222222%

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Apple Vs. Samsung: Who’s Winning September Smartphone War?

September 10, 2014 12:12 pm


Apple’s live event this week was as magnificent as expected, with the new Apple Watch receiving a standing ovation. It’s a testament to the strength of Apple’s brand that August and September have
become an unofficial smartphone advertising event as competitors try to leverage all of the buzz around the brand’s big announcement. But it is also a testament to Samsung’s leadership in the vertical
that the smartphone wars have taken on a new life in the fall months.

Vienna State Opera, FIFA win IBC awards for innovation & engagement

September 9, 2014 7:34 am

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The IBC has recognized the Vienna State Opera for its streaming efforts

With more than 150 years of tradition, “new,” innovative” and “modern” aren’t terms usually associated with an organization like the Vienna State Opera.

But that’s exactly what the legendary opera house – and Ooyala customer — is being feted for by the IBC, which is honoring it with a Special Award this week at the annual broadcaster’s convention in Amsterdam.

The Vienna State Opera – or, Wiener Staatsoper — has embraced multi-platform delivery, with as many as 45 broadcasts of operas and ballets a year.

In addition to HD origination, offered a 4k Ultra-HD broadcast of Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’ in May, the first such broadcast to Samsung smart TVs worldwide.

Wiener Staatsoper streams two HD views for each performance, a live cut and a static view of the stage.

The opera also offers additional content including a synchronized score and subtitles, which is designed to help viewers be more engaged with the performance.

Extra video and multimedia content, tailored to specialist audiences, include a discussion of the opera, live rehearsals and backstage views, and more.

“To be rewarded with one of the most renowned awards in this highly innovative industry is a wonderful acknowledgement,” said Dominique Meyer, director of the Vienna State Opera. “It shows how vivid we are, looking from a glorious past into a promising future.”

FIFA also is being honored by the IBC with a Judges Award for its 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“The global football audience is always hungry for more – for more cameras, for more detail, for more replays and for more analysis,” said Niclas Ericson, FIFA’s director of television. “In Brazil this year we worked together with our partners to provide more engaging multi-platform content and to develop the language to cover football in high resolution formats. It was an exhilarating team effort, and I am proud to recognize all those who contributed.”

Michael Lumley, Chair of the IBC Awards judging panel, said “At first glance there is little in common between the football World Cup and opera. Yet each engender huge passion in their fans, and those fan bases are far larger than can attend a live event. Both FIFA and the Vienna State Opera have built strong, innovative, creative in-house teams to take control of their content, and have worked with leaders in the industry to be on the leading edge of emerging technologies.

The awards will be presented during the IBC Awards Ceremony, at 6:30 p.m., Sunday.

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Presto goes Chromecast; CBS Local Sports gets a Mosaic makeover

September 8, 2014 11:52 pm


With six million U.S. homes adding streaming media players in Q2, there’s little doubt as to the increasing popularity of the latest plug-and-play devices for serving up premium web-delivered content in the comfort of the living room. To make it easier for content owners to satiate this growing consumer appetite, Ooyala is helping its partners deliver full entertainment services like Australia’s Presto over Google’s Chromecast devices.

To extend the Presto experience to TVs, Ooyala worked with Presto to enable a complete host of streaming requirements via Chromecast; including content protection, discovery and a cross-device resume feature that enables continuous playback after switching devices, as well as Ooyala’s rich analytics for measuring content and consumption trends.

As steaming device adoption continues to grow, taking advantage of distibution via Chromecast and other devices is one of the fastest ways media companies can deliver personalized experiences to the largest screen in the house.

When it comes to streaming video innovation on the desktop, CBS Local Sports is the latest Ooyala customer to roll out something completely different: GRIDCAST. GRIDCAST allows sports fans to stream up to five different CBS Radio stations at once, toggling between live and on-demand video and audio streams in a single video player.

Powered by Ooyala’s Mosaic player technology, GRIDCAST features interviews, radio host talk and behind-the-scenes footage from stations across Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Washington, D.C.

Ideally suited for sports and news broadcasting, Ooyala’s Mosaic player makes it possible for any broadcster to cost-effectively roll out new video experiences that put the viewer in the driver’s seat with the ability to switch between multiple selections for on-demand programming or live events, and even select camera angles.

Keep an eye out for more news from Ooyala this week as we head into IBC 2014, where we’ll have our full suite of streaming and analytics technology on display.

?Overwatch: a smartphone app that makes airsoft more like a video game

September 8, 2014 5:43 pm


Prefer the physical activity (and force feedback) airsoft, paintball and laser tag provide, but miss the peripheral luxuries of the virtual battlefield? Well, now you can have both — we found a new app at TechCrunch Disrupt makes physical warfare games a lot more like video games. It’s called Overwatch, and it gives any player with access to an Android or iOS device access to player stats, live voice-chat, in-game perks and controllable game modes. One feature stands out in particular, however: real-time GPS-radar mapping the locations of all players on the field.

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Pay-TV operator revenues predicted flat to 2020, multiscreen services the path to growth

September 8, 2014 1:16 pm


According to a new report from TDG, The Future of TV Monetization, total TV and video revenue over the next five years will be running primarily flat.

“Overall TV and video spending has seen minor growth since 2004, rising from $195 billion (2013 dollars) to $213 billion in 2013. This constitutes an increase of only 9% during a 10-year period, equivalent to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of only +1%.”

Last year, TDG and iStreamPlanet teamed up on research that explored the value of multiscreen services to consumers. That report, Multiscreen Live Linear TV Everywhere: High Consumer Value, High Revenue Potential for MVPDs and Cable Networks, uncovered the high value that consumers place on multiscreen video services, or true TV Everywhere.

For example, 75% of respondents say they are very likely to use a multiscreen live linear service if it were offered by their provider.

But most importantly, half of pay TV subscribers said they are willing to pay $10/month for multiscreen, live linear access.

Running some quick math on this, if the largest MVPD with 22 million subscribers were to convert just the 18% of subscribers who say they would definitely sign up for $5 per month that would amount to over $240 million in additional revenue.

This was research we conducted over a year ago, we can assume that as mobile video viewing continues to grow that the demand for multiscreen services will grow as well, and these numbers will get bigger. Pay TV operators who are not planning to make big moves to capture this additional revenue will not only continue on the pace of flat growth, according to our research they will lose subscribers.

75% of survey respondents said they would likely switch providers based on the availability of multiscreen services.

True TV Everywhere, multiscreen services are the path to increasing Pay TV operator revenue, and holding onto subscribers.

Jennifer Baisch is vice president of marketing for iStreamPlanet.

‘Destiny’ launches tomorrow — watch us play it live today!

September 8, 2014 9:45 am


The folks who created Halo have a new game, Destiny, and it launches tomorrow on both last-gen and current Xbox and PlayStation consoles. While that prospect might be enough for some folks, there are no doubt many more of you unsure if Destiny is worth your ducats. Thankfully, the game’s servers are online one day early and we’ve got a PlayStation 4 copy handy to give it a live run before it’s officially available tonight at midnight (via retail and for pre-load on current-gen consoles). Join us for a jaunt through the next big online game from Bungie Studios, just beyond the break. And bring your best Peter Dinklage impersonation!

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Robin Williams gets the World of Warcraft tribute gamers asked for

September 7, 2014 1:57 pm

Robin Williams' genie character in the Warlords of Draenor beta

Blizzard promised gamers a tribute to the late, great Robin Williams in one of his favorite titles, World of Warcraft, and it looks like the studio has been quick to act on its word. Just days after Wowhead found hidden character code paying homage to the actor, that persona is live in the game. If you’re in the Warlords of Draenor expansion’s beta, you can visit an island with a familiar-looking lamp; rub it and a genie pops out flaunting his “infinite cosmic power,” directly referencing Williams’ beloved role in Aladdin.

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September 5, 2014 9:08 am


Friends, Romans, NoiseTraders, lend me (and these worthy bands) your ears and I promise to give them back in somewhat adequately working order. (That buzzing will eventually go away, I swear). As the last few weeks of summer lazily fade away (or outstay their welcome, depending on where you stand on the matter), I hope that there’s still room in your windows-down, fun-in-the-sun playlists for a couple more rambunctious recommendations. I’ve got some tasty tunes on tap for you this weekend and if you don’t find even one song you dig, I promise you a money-back guarantee on your free download. I hardly think you’ll run into that predicament though because these four albums are so top-shelf goodness that you’ll be surprised if you haven’t snatched them up already. As a bonus, I challenge any church-goers to try and sneak Lucius’ killer version of “Power in the Blood” somewhere into your Sunday service. It’s a divine dance party waiting to happen!

Lucius Gets Noisey

As a huge fan of both The Rentals and Tweedy, I’ve come to really love the bewitching joint-vocal stylings of Lucius even more after hearing them paired against some of my favorite singers. However, the fun and energy of their own indie-pop songwriting is really, really fantastic as well. Lucius Gets Noisey is an interesting 6-track EP that features the “triple threat quintet” in a live setting during their pre-Wildewoman days, along with the album version of “Hey Doreen” that fans have come to know and love so well. I promise you that the flawless vocals and tight percussive thump of “Don’t Just Sit There” and “Turn It Around” will have you double-checking that they are live versions and not over-dubbed studio recreations. As a bonus, do not miss their retro-electro version of “Power in the Blood” as it’s one of the hands-down-coolest versions of the hymn I’ve ever heard. It was written exclusively for WNYC’s Radiolab program and it is available on this must-grab EP.

Caroline Rose
I Will Not Be Afraid (A Sampler)

Anyone who self-identifies as a “modern day hobo” – and has actually earned the title by living on the road in a van – is guaranteed to get at least a curious listen out of me. In the case of Caroline Rose, I’m all the luckier for it. While Rose’s fearless Americana-based instrumental experimentation, enticing vocal rasp, and road-dog storytelling defies her 24 years, the authenticity that flows through each performance allows her songs to feel genuine and uniquely singular to her wander-fueled experience. Featured on this sampler are seven tracks from Rose’s debut album I Will Not Be Afraid and the garage-blues pulse of “At Midnight” and the squiggly-keyed folk of “Tightrope Walker” are fantastic entry points. Existing somewhere in the space between the uninhibited vocals of Janis Joplin and the feisty younger sister of Shovels and Rope, Rose is playing by her own rules and thankfully we’re invited to the game.

The Orwells
Live from Dingwalls [EP]

The Orwells decided there’s no better way for them to prove their well-deserved “best live band in America” NME-bestowed moniker than with an EP capturing their incendiary live performance. Recorded at the legendary London punk club Dingwalls, Live from Dingwalls features The Orwells at their abrasively melodic best. This is unrefined rock & roll from its embryonic American incarnations and the raucous ruckus in the room is palpably felt through the all-too-short 4-song EP. Come for the “Dirty Sheets” and stay for “The Righteous Ones,” you’ll be glad you did. Don’t miss them if they come through your town and if you get the chance to catch them, bring a dry shirt to change into for after the show.

Harvest Records
Harvest Mixtape #1

If you know of another sampler on NoiseTrade that highlights bands featuring folks like Pete Yorn and Liam Gallagher, as well as former members of Oasis, The Las, and World Party, please point me in that direction. The roster for Harvest Records is an embarrassment of sonic riches that features the aforementioned Yorn and Gallagher bands (The Olms and Beady Eye, respectively), as well as a ton of new bands that are mind-blowingly great. Take a listen to the soulful dance-groove of “This Is What It Feels Like” by BANKS or the expansive indie-rock sweep of “Sleeping Giant” by Bootstraps and I guarantee you’ll be enticed to just dive into the whole mixtape.

When writer Will Hodge isn’t right here, right now (d’you know what I mean?), you can find him running off at the keyboard about music, concerts, and vinyl at My So-Called Soundtrack

Content Marketing World – See You There!

September 5, 2014 8:39 am


It’s that exciting time of year when thousands of marketers from around the world make their annual migration to Cleveland, Ohio for Content Marketing World. The single largest (and fastest growing) content marketing event on the planet with some of the most prestigious, thought leaders in the world of marketing.

Just glancing at the list of some of the companies speaking at the event, it reminds me of what a privilege it is to see so many of our customers represented from great brands like EMC, Ford and Motorola, just to name a few. It’s simply impressive.

As exciting as this event will be (and it will be inspiring), it represents a larger, unmistakable disruption going on in the marketplace; the explosion of content marketing. As we’ve said for a long time, every company is a publisher and this reality is changing everything about how we think about the role of marketing. Consider these three dramatic changes we are seeing:

First, this focus on content marketing has raised the bar for marketers to truly understand their audiences and provide meaningful, insightful content. Some may argue that this was always the case, but in the age where most of the buying experience was driven by stores and salespeople, great content was a condiment, a nice to have, and marketers could always rely on great sales skills and promotions to win the day.

Second, the growth of content marketing has led to a distinct focus on the buyer journey. The need to deliver the great content, at the right place and the right time (see our recent post on this subject) has forced marketers to walk in the shoes of their customers to truly understand not only what challenges they have, but what their decision process is like, who the stakeholders are, and what questions they have as they move through the purchase journey.

Third, the growth of content marketing is transforming the tools and teams for every marketing organization. From one of the earlier Content Marketing Institute research reports, it was clear that video was one of the hottest growth points for content marketing. This is no surprise for us as we’ve seen survey after survey confirm that video is the highest converting and most engaging form of content marketing.

If you are unable to make the conference, we’re doing a live stream event with Content Marketing Institute founder, Joe Pulizzi, on October 7 where we’ll continue the great conversation on content marketing. Sign up here.

See you in Cleveland!

Live Video Content Marketing Kit

September 4, 2014 10:04 am


As a marketer, communicator, brand or events manager, you need to engage massive, global audiences, deepen relationships with customers, and bring communities together to share information. With the power of LIVE video you can heighten brand awareness, reach a broader audience in real-time, and drive marketing results that you never thought possible. Get started by downloading … Continue reading ?

Doing 4K Live Streaming on Your Website

September 4, 2014 1:23 am

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Interested in doing 4K live streaming on your website? We crack down on the “super HD” buzzword and discuss what you will need to serve your viewers in 4K. Covers some of the hurdles to expect, on your end and the viewers. Ultimately, it shows how to be ahead of the curve for those who […]

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Online is the New Venue for Live Events

September 3, 2014 1:33 pm


Viewers and publishers alike have many reasons to love live video events. For audiences, they offer the immediacy of watching live events as they happen and the convenience of viewing high-quality content anywhere and on any device. Publishers can attract new viewers with fresh, exclusive content and boost revenue with new monetization opportunities.

A Freewheel report sheds light on current live streaming trends, proving that viewers are increasingly heading online and looking for live content.

Given that 2014 was a huge year for live events — from the Sochi Winter Olympics, BCS Bowl Games and March Madness, to the World Cup, NBA and NHL Playoffs — it’s no surprise that live online viewing increased 201 percent year-over-year. With that spike in live streaming comes increased opportunities for monetization. The Freewheel findings highlight considerable year-over-year ad view growth for live content with 70 percent of ad views this year coming from live content.

For Brightcove customer HUGO BOSS, one of the world market leaders in the premium and luxury apparel market, a live event in itself is seen as a major source for generating sales. HUGO BOSS worked with Brightcove to create a live, 3-D video experience for a high-profile fashion show set in Beijing, and rather than focus on ad insertion, the brand strived to emotionalize customers with online video content to drive sales.

And the ROI was incredible. Within just three weeks, HUGO BOSS completely sold out of 70,000 pairs of 3-D glasses. The company also achieved and exceeded its goal to increase the brand’s reach in China, including a 113 percent increase in video views on Youku (China’s largest web-streaming video service). In addition, HUGO BOSS experienced a nearly tenfold increase in video views on YouTube.

So, if you’ve previously hesitated to venture into streaming live events, it might be time to take another look. And it’s easier than ever with Brightcove Video Cloud Live. Find out more here.

The Business of Live Video Streaming

September 2, 2014 9:47 am


Last week, Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable discussed the business of live streaming in the enterprise and how the marketplace is projected to grow in the next few years. Watch the recording of the Fox Business interview here. Also, download our white paper and learn how to integrate live video into your communication strategy.

The Potential of Live Video Streaming in the Marketplace

September 2, 2014 9:33 am

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In a recent interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers”, Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable discussed the business of live video streaming and enterprise opportunities. Watch the recorded interview here. Also, download our white paper and learn how to integrate live video into your communication strategy.

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BSkyB’s NOW TV arrives on Chromecast

September 2, 2014 9:00 am

company logo

BSkyB (LSE:BSY) has announced the arrival of NOW TV on Chromecast, offering customers another way to enjoy the service’s movies, live sports and TV channels on their main TV screen.

Lower Video CDN Pricing for Live Streaming and On Demand

September 2, 2014 1:40 am


Are you looking for lower video CDN pricing? DaCast has cut the per GB price of its Pro plan down to just 8.25¢ a GB. At a minimum commitment of only $165 a month, this is the lowest cost option in the market for live video streaming at this level. Effective September 1st, 2014, DaCast is dropping […]

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Hulu Summer Film School Week 7: Post-Production

August 28, 2014 6:05 pm

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In an interview with NPR, the acclaimed editor Walter Murch (Godfather Trilogy, Apocalypse Now) described his job as “a cross between a short-order cook and a brain surgeon.”

The work of an editor is highly complex. As the last shepherds of the film, they reorder, splice, trim, and shape the raw footage to breathe mood, tension, and structure into the film. Under the guardianship of a great editor, no frame goes unexamined and no contribution—whether it be in acting or cinematography—goes under-appreciated. In this final week of Hulu Summer Film School, we’re celebrating these unsung heroes by exploring how they carry the film through its final legs of production.

Required Viewing:

1) Sans Soleil

A fluid travelogue of cinema, Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil explores the mutable nature of memory, time, and its effect on our perception of history. Using elliptical editing techniques to marry documentary and found-footage, Marker’s film sends us from the bustling cityscape of Tokyo to the wilds of Guinea-Bissau in Africa to the extraterrestrial landscape of Iceland, and back again to Japan where we bear witness to a religious ceremony honoring cats. Through all of this dazzlement, Sans Soleil is devoid of synchronous sound and uses an unseen narrator (reading aloud the journal of a fictional traveling cameraman who captured the images we’re seeing) as the binding force for the material. The editorial synthesis of sight and sound becomes simultaneously lasting and ephemeral, not unlike someone trying to recall — and re-experience — a distant memory.

Later in the film, Marker reveals his affection for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, referring to it as a quest to discover an “impossible memory, insane memory.” Memory and time contort into an endless spiral as Marker showcases still images from Vertigo intercut with footage of his own sojourn to San Francisco to recreate scenes from Hitchcock’s film. The editing is crisp and precise, snapping from a still of Vertigo to its corresponding live action shot in Sans Soleil while the narrator draws a comparative deconstruction of Hitchcock’s film, musing about the impossibility “to live with memory without falsifying it.” Memory becomes a kind of personal armor, protecting us from the harsh iniquities of objective truth and allowing us – both filmmaker and viewer alike – to remake history as desired by the needs of the present.

Naveen Singh

2) Breathless

Jean-Luc Godard’s first feature film Breathless revolutionized the way films were edited. It made the jump cut a viable way to compress narrative time. The plot is heavily informed by popular film culture from before 1960: a young thug goes on the run from the police with his American girlfriend. But the energy of the film has little to do with the plot and everything to do with the loose way in which the film was shot and the endless invention of the film’s editing.

Consider Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo) as he takes off in a stolen car in this clip from early in the film. The jump cuts do not preserve continuity of time or space, but there’s an emotional logic to Michel’s tear through France. The film forces the audience to see Michel the way he sees himself (as cool, but playful, full of vibrancy and passion), and Godard’s style is like crazed stream-of-consciousness filmmaking – he captures life the way it is, or at least the way we would like it to be in our mind’s eye.

– Christopher Rowe

3) Manufactured Landscapes

Much more than any other genre, the documentary’s structure is shaped in the editing room. On a typical documentary production, hundreds of hours of footage will be shot and then brought to the editor who will cut the content down to a 90-minute feature.

A testament to documentary editing can be seen in Jennifer Baichwal’s Manufactured Landscapes, in which Baichwal follows photographer Edward Burtynsky as he captures various landscapes around the world that have been shaped by industrial production. One of the film’s many visually-stunning shots is a long take of Chinese manufacturing workers lining up to take orders from their managers. The wide angle highlights the sheer magnitude of identically-dressed workers and also serves to emphasize the lack of individualism in the space. This shot is followed by a match cut to Burtynsky’s photograph of the event and then another match cut to Burtynsky’s photo in a gallery space with visitors passing by it. Through this sequence, Baichwal depicts editing’s ability to transcend not only time but also space. As a result, viewers gain a better understanding of the power of Burtynsky’s images to communicate social and economic situations to the rest of the world.

– Kelly Lin

4) Primer

In “Primer,” two scientists accidentally discover time travel and it slowly affects their lives, over and over again. It’s fast-paced, yet slow and brooding, and completely immersive.

In this clip, Abe and Aaron discover that time travel may be happening right in front of their noses. As they are both trying to make sense of what’s happening, the editing is jumpy, frenetic, and a little disjointed, matching the activity of their brains. But as they reach a conclusion they both agree on, the editing slows down, allowing us to spend a bit more time on each shot. This subconsciously gives our minds a little space again – a way to say “we’ve settled here,” just like the characters have in the story.

Jonathan Katz

Supplemental Viewing:

5) Rashomon

6) The Pianist

Extracurricular Links:

1) The Top 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time – Some of the best editing in film is the editing that draws us so deeply into the story that we aren’t even cognizant that the post-production process is taking place. This video from CineFix takes some of the most highly regarded films of our time and explores how different editorial techniques help them achieve greatness. After watching this clip, check out some of CineFix’s other short form content, all designed to both instruct and entertain filmmakers and movie buffs alike.

2) Vashi Visuals – Run by editor Vashi Nedomansky, this blog gives an in-depth look into the editorial workflow and the reasonings behind editorial choices made both by him and other editors in the business.

3) Movie Editing Techniques from LA Video Filmmaker – This blog post explores the most commonly used editorial cuts in cinema, with gifs to back them up.

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Visit the Hulu Summer Film School page to see full-length versions of our selections and explore past lessons.

IBC is Upon us Once Again!

August 28, 2014 11:09 am


It’s back to Amsterdam to join the who’s who of the global media and broadcast industry at the annual IBC Show, which takes place from the 12th to 16th of September at the RAI conference centre. We’re looking forward to the show and we hope to see you all there! If you’re interested in setting up a meeting with any of the Brightcove team, please send an email to

This year we will have the largest crew yet of Brightcove technical experts and thought leaders on-hand at our booth located in Hall 5; Stand 5.B20. Make sure you stop by! You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Brightcove’s technology, see our solutions in action at our demo pods, and view live presentations from staff and partners on many of the industry’s most pressing topics.

In addition to our live booth presentations, Brightcove’s CTO of Media, Albert Lai will give a presentation on Device Fragmentation and Delivery in the Multi-Platform World at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday as part of the Content Everywhere and Sport track; this is taking place in the Content Everywhere Hub in Hall 14. Albert will also be a panellist the Sporting Content Everywhere discussion, which will look at how this summer’s major sporting events have moved Content Everywhere forward for broadcasters and audiences.

IBC is alway filled with a lot of exciting activities so we hope you’ll join us for a drink reception at our booth on Monday, 15th September between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. You’ll be able wind down after a long few days at the show and network with Brightcove staff, peers, and partners. We hope you can join us!

See you in Amsterdam!

Strategies from the Blue Ocean Strategy

August 27, 2014 8:42 am


This series of posts is geared to provide insight into our strategy, and will touch on one of the six basic approaches to remaking market boundaries

Look Across Alternative Industries – Video has Limitless Potential

Video is the most powerful medium to tell a story, but technology has until recently relegated it to a handful of industries controlled by relatively few. Now that the means of video production are accessible to nearly anyone, in the short form of a million Vines to the Red Bull live coverage of Felix Baumgartner as he jumped from the stratosphere, we are no longer captives of technological limitation and video can be used across the internet of things to tell the most impactful stories by anyone with imagination and skill.

But perhaps the most clear form of value innovation for video is as an alternative and more effective means of information and entertainment which digital technology now make possible. History supports this trajectory. Newspapers gave way to television as the primary source of information in the 1960s, and now a video empowered internet is trending to become bigger than television as a sources of news. And this says nothing of the growth in digital video entertainment.

So when we look across alternative industries we find a host of opportunities where video can do better what text and images have done till now. This is the fundamental reason why video has grown, and will continue to grow beyond the over 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube to be 90% of the internet’s traffic, exploding bandwidth a hundredfold. Video is high bandwidth for a reason. It packs a huge amount of data, and our brains are uniquely wired to process it.

Is Your Web Security in the Dark Ages?

August 25, 2014 8:29 am

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The data center perimeter is dead – web assets cannot be protected by a fortress wall – but a historical view of web protection lives on in the way many IT departments continue to defend their infrastructures. Websites and web applications increasingly live outside the data center. Cloud-based applications and websites are at constant risk from web threats that are becoming more damaging and sophisticated by the day.
Akamai advises organizations to avoid becoming the next cyber-attack victim in the headlines by making a critical evaluation of cybersecurity practices – and then take steps to extend multi-layered security controls to the cloud. Of course, before you can even start to build a multi-layered web defense, you must understand your enemy and its weapons.

Generally, attacks fall into two categories: Distributed denial of service (DDoS), which is also called denial of service (DoS), and hacks against web applications that steal data, such as SQL injection and other command injection attacks.

Akamai predicts that by 2020, the average distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack will generate 1.5 Tbps of network traffic, but even today’s large and sophisticated denial of service attacks can easily overwhelm available IT resources. The more you understand the nuances of different types of DDoS attacks and web threats, the better you can determine how they will affect your network.

A mind-boggling array of DoS and DDoS attacks occur at the network layer. These can be grouped into two broad categories: simple flooding and amplification attacks. Several readily available tools are available to attackers to automate the process of creating both types of attacks, allowing malicious actors with no technical background to quickly and easily threaten their choice of website.

Attacks at the application layer are also common and often very sophisticated. They consist of high bandwidth attacks and low-bandwidth denial of service attacks, Domain Name System (DNS) attacks, and attacks that steal data. Attempts to steal data are most likely to take the form of command injection attacks where a hacker injects commands into a vulnerable application. The attacker can then execute these commands to view data, wipe out data, or take over the machine.

Akamai advises practicing good web-application hygiene by using a secure software development lifecycle that includes secure configuration, updates, patches, and secure validation. In addition, a web application firewall (WAF) with anti-DoS capabilities provides a strong line of defense against application-layer attacks such as SQL injection commonly used to cover data theft. The eBook goes into greater detail on how to ensure good web-application hygiene and what to look for in a WAF.

With knowledge you can identify and close network vulnerabilities before your company is harmed. And the reality is that it is when, not if, your network will be threatened by cyber-attackers.

To that end, Akamai has released a free eBook, Threats and Mitigations: A Guide to Multi-Layered Web Security that covers important information that you need to know about the types of cyber threats, how to secure your sites, how to protect web applications from data theft, the different types of cybersecurity solutions, and how to make your network less vulnerable to attack.

There is no one solution to cybersecurity. Before you sign on the dotted line, know the key differences between on-premise hardware and cloud-based services; learn about the strengths of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and of always-on services versus on-demand services. The eBook includes a guide to asking the right questions when seeking a web security services provider.

The fortress can no longer be defended by traditional methods, but it can be defended. The cyber battlefield keeps changing with powerful attacks that can down the websites and web applications of global brands, but you don’t have to become a victim. Learn how to defend your web and cloud resources – and win. The free Akamai eBook “Threats and Mitigations: A Guide to Multi-Layered Web Security” explains how. Download it today and learn how to build the strongest defense to protect all of your network assets and web applications.

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