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The AWS Loft Will Return on October 1st

September 18, 2014 5:40 am


As I
earlier this year
, the AWS Pop-up Loft is reopening on Wednesday,
October 1st in San Francisco with a full calendar of events designed
to help developers, architects, and entrepreneurs learn about and
make use of AWS.

Come to the AWS Loft and meet 1:1 with an AWS technical expert, learn
about AWS in detailed product sessions, and gain hands-on experience
through our instructor-led Technical Bootcamps and our self-paced
hands-on labs. Take a look at the
Schedule of Events
to learn more about what we have planned.

Hours and Location
The AWS Loft will be open Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM, with special evening events
that will run until 8 PM. It is located at 925 Market Street in San Francisco.

Special Events
We are also setting up a series of events with
AWS-powered startups and partners from the San Francisco area. The
list is still being finalized but already includes cool companies like
Runscope (Automated Testing for APIs and Backend Services),
NPM (Node Package Manager),
Circle CI (Continuous Integration and Deployment),
Librato (Metrics, Monitoring, and Alerts),
CoTap (Secure Mobile Messaging for Businesses), and
Heroku (Cloud Application Platform).

A Little Help From Our Friends
AWS and Intel share a passion for innovation, along with a track record of helping startups
to be successful. Intel will demonstrate the latest technologies at the AWS Loft, including
products that support the Internet of Things and the newest Xeon processors. They will also host several

The folks at Chef are also joining forces with the AWS Loft and will be bringing their
DevOps expertise to the AWS Loft through hosted sessions and a training
curriculum. You’ll be able to learn about the Chef product — an automation platform for deploying and configuring
IT infrastructure and applications in the data center and in the Cloud.

Watch This!
In order to get a taste for the variety of activities and the level of excitement you’ll find at the AWS Loft, watch this
short video:

Come Say Hello
I will be visiting and speaking at the AWS Loft in late October and hope to see and talk to you


Hitting Climate Change Hard, Hack4Good Style

September 11, 2014 8:00 pm


Rackspace is so excited, once again, to sponsor Geeklist’s Hack4Good this weekend. This time around, the Hack4Good hackathon will focus on projects and prototypes that address global climate change.

“As Rackers we’re all about treating other people well, like friends and family, and the environment we live in has a huge impact on people’s lives around the world, so our involvement is a part of helping each other out,” said Lucy Mendel, Rackspace Software Developer.

It is awesome to be able to partner with an organization that tackles two amazing desires in one: complex problem-solving and contributing to the greater good, and we would love for more developers to join.

From Abuja, Nigeria to San Francisco, Calif. to Baguio, Philippines, 3,000-plus planet-conscious hackers are expected to join forces this weekend to harness the power of technology to create solutions to help protect our planet from climate change at Geeklist’s Hack4Good 0.6 Global Climate Change Hackathon.

Technologists, designers, environmentalists, thought leaders and more will convene in over 40 cities to work on one of 15 global climate change challenges, which will be integrated for long term impact into partner non-government organizations and government organizations. The 15 challenges are: Public Awareness, Personal Impact, Digital Activism, Compelling Visualization, International Negotiations, Resilient Communities, Extreme Water Impacts, Intense Heat Impacts, Ecosystems and Nature, Collaboration, Consumer Behavior, Energy Production, Responsible Finance, Sustainable Business and Energy Efficiency and Reforestation.

As a Hack4Good sponsor, Rackspace is inviting developers to take advantage of $600 of free Rackspace cloud credits through the developer+ program.

“I am excited about Hack4Good because I have volunteered with and I think climate change is something that a lot of people are not fully aware of, but we need to take notice because it is affecting to our global brothers and sisters,” said Whitney Hofacker, a Racker at Geekdom San Francisco and participant in Hack4Good.

We hope you take notice, and participate in this awesome weekend of collaboration, care and climate change.

Real Estate Cover the Grateful Dead’s “He’s Gone” in San Francisco

August 4, 2014 10:15 pm

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Photo by Tonje Thilesen

On Friday during their show at the Fillmore in San Francisco, Real Estate covered a song by some Bay Area legends. In honor of Jerry Garcia’s birthday, they covered the Grateful Dead‘s “He’s Gone”. Watch the performance below via

Read “Suburban Dreams”, our feature on Real Estate.


Watch them perform “Green Aisles” at Pitchfork Music Festival:


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Rackspace::Solve SF: Docker CEO On The Future of Applications [Video]

August 4, 2014 5:00 pm


At Rackspace::Solve San Francisco last week, Docker CEO Ben Golub took the stage to discuss the future of applications. In his talk, Golub drilled into how Docker uses container technology to change the way developers build, ship and run applications and how that can reduce the time it takes developers to launch apps from weeks to minutes.

Here is video of Golub’s full Rackspace::Solve presentation:


Rackspace::Solve San Francisco was the first of three one-day summits that showcased how companies are overcoming the toughest challenges in their businesses and for their customers. Rackspace::Solve events are currently scheduled for September 18 in New York City and October 20 in Chicago. Registration is open now.

One of Google’s two mystery barges is being dismantled and sold for scrap

August 1, 2014 7:55 pm


So much for Google’s barge project, it seems. One of the only two multi-level barges owned by Google has been sold by the company, and the rest is headed off to a scrapyard, reports The Portland Press Herald. Earlier this week, Google quietly sold off the barge that was holding up the mysterious four story structure. The floating vessel had been harbored in Maine since last October, with Google planning to eventually use it as “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.” A counterpart on the West Coast was originally docked in San Francisco bay, though was moved inland back in February.