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Calkins Media Sees Big Future For OTT News

October 6, 2014 9:36 am


The company, with a footprint of six daily papers, two weeklies and a trio of ABC affiliates in Florida and Alabama, is looking to a post-newspaper and television future where well-made online
video is part of the content mix. Only The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal–and four of Calkins Media’s relatively tiny papers– have an OTT presence on Roku.

Rackspace::Solve New York: How SumAll Solves For Big Data, Scale

September 4, 2014 1:30 pm


By Dane Atkinson, CEO, SumAll

Since we formed SumAll in May 2011, we’ve crunched over 4 terabytes of data, and that’s growing at a rate of about 30 percent per month. We track more than $4 billion in revenue, 290 billion social actions and 190 billion sites for more than 250,000 businesses (we expect that to hit a million next year).

We’re seeing 1,000 percent growth per year.


Our growth is based on a simple premise: offer a real-time analytics platform for marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs to gain meaningful insights from data by collecting it into a single place. Whether it’s data from Facebook, Google, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon or Twitter; we present it in a simple, tangible way for our users to digest it and make intelligent decisions based on it.

Our platform is built on ObjectRocket and Rackspace, and they’ve helped us not only solve the big data challenges we face, but also scale so when we hit that million-customer mark we can seamlessly accommodate it.

Rackspace makes us feel like we’re not standing alone. Rackspace is the specialist we need to help us grow and solve the challenges we face.

Want to hear more about how SumAll solves for big data and scale? Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll will present at Rackspace::Solve New York, a one-day summit where you’ll hear directly from companies like SumAll about how they’re solving tough challenges in their businesses. Rackspace::Solve New York is Thursday, September 18 at Cipriani Wall Street.

Register now for Rackspace::Solve New York.

And stay tuned for details of the next Rackspace::Solve event in Chicago.

Rackspace::Solve New York: Solve Tough IT Challenges

September 3, 2014 10:26 am


Does big data have you stymied? Are you considering DevOps to tear down productivity-killing siloes? Has your ecommerce site grown beyond your wildest dreams and you have to scale – and scale fast? You’re not alone.

Register now for Rackspace::Solve New York
Thursday, September 18 at The Cipriani Wall Street

Rackspace customers and solutions partners will share about how they stared-down and solved some of the toughest IT challenges and turned them into business-building opportunities when our Rackspace::Solve series of one-day thought leadership summits hits the Big Apple later this month.


At Rackspace::Solve New York, an exciting roster of cutting-edge companies will discuss about how they use technologies like virtualization, ecommerce, big data, DevOps and cloud architectures to drive real results and overcome technology challenges.

For example, Appboy will discuss how DevOps helps it solve for rapid customer growth and scale; Under Armour will share how it scales its high-demand ecommerce and brand experience; Docker will take the stage to talk about the future of applications; SumAll will showcase how it solves for big data; CloudMine will highlight how it solves for mobile performance in a regulated environment; and more.

Along with perspective from Rackspace customers and partners, you’ll get insight into the latest trends in private, hybrid and managed clouds from Rackspace experts and from respected industry analysts from 451 Research and Forrester Research.

Join me at Rackspace::Solve New York and hear from companies that have embraced game-changing technologies to fuel success.

I look forward to seeing you in New York!

Rackspace Solve::New York is Thursday, September 18 at The Cipriani Wall Street. Register now.

And stay tuned for details on Rackspace::Solve Chicago, Monday, October 20.

Martin Scorcese knows why film is worth saving in a digital world

August 5, 2014 2:46 am


Kodak will keep on producing movie film in the near future, after several noted directors lobbied Hollywood studios into striking an agreement with the storied American company last week. But why is film worth saving in the first place, when digital technology makes major strides in convenience and quality every year? Legendary Taxi Driver and Raging Bull director Martin Scorcese has a few answers.

Scorcese, who himself switched to digital with The Wolf of Wall Street, has issued a passionate statement firmly in favor of preserving film, noting its “richer visual palette,” its reliable archival properties, and its important role in the history of cinema. “Would anyone dream of telling young artists to throw away their paints and…